lee levy

Hi, Nice to meet you!

My name is Lee Levy. I am a mother of two young girls, and we live in Brooklyn, New York. For as long as I can remember, I have had a great passion for exploring and mastering new fields. A few years back, I experienced a tough period of back pain, which resulted in ongoing sleep issues. It was during this time that I realized that the main problem was that my old mattress was no longer suited to my needs. That’s when I discovered how a good mattress that is fitted to your needs could make all the difference to a good night’s sleep! 

Ever since this period, I have been fascinated with the world of mattresses, and this fascination resulted in collaboration with a few other mattress experts and the creation of the mattressreviews.com.

At the matressreviews.com, our main goal is to help others to understand the complex mattress industry better so they can then select the best sleep products for their needs and also save time and money! Ultimately we are here to ensure that our readers get the best night sleep they have ever had!

On our website, you will find a helpful range of content like mattress reviews, mattress comparisons and mattress rankings. We look at mattresses by need, i.e. back sleepers, side sleepers, back problems, etc. We also look at the different mattress types available such as hybrid, foam, inner springs, etc. Lastly, you will find related content on many products and goods that are connected to the wonderful world of sleep.

In order to provide an in-depth review, we look at a range of criteria which include mattress construction, level of firmness, comfort level, motion isolation, trial period, price and more. 

Our goal is to provide our readers with a website that offers great value by giving you all the information you need to buy the best mattress for your needs. And not only do we help with buying the best mattress, but we aim to make sure that you get the best deal on it as well! 

We are sure that you will  find our website helpful when it comes to making a decision on a new mattress.