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Let’s face it – a mattress can be an expensive purchase, and the mattress you choose should last you for a good ten years. On the other hand, not everyone can afford a top of the line mattress packed with advanced features. Some buyers are looking for a good quality mattress that gives the comfort and support they want, at the best value cost they can find. 

Why Choose an Affordable Mattress

If you are on a tight budget, you can rest assured that you will still be able to own and enjoy high quality, a well-made mattress that gives you restful healthy sleep.

Modern manufacturing techniques and materials engineering have enabled the development of advanced foams and mattress construction techniques that provide sophisticated support and comfort at a relatively affordable cost.

A price-oriented mattress really doesn’t mean thin foam, lumpy bits or feeling the bed slats through the mattress anymore. Quite the contrary, you can purchase multi-layered memory foam mattresses, with or without cooling gel top layers, grid-like foam core, hybrid latex-memory foam and many more exceptional features that give new meaning to the concept of the best value for money.

Choosing an affordable mattress is much like choosing a high-end one. You want to pay close attention to such aspects as firmness level, motion isolation, heat transfer and more.

Best Cheap Bed

Here are some of the top mattresses that give the best value for money according to our review team.

Nectar Mattress

  • Semi-Firm, Cool
  • Great pricing and promotions
  •  Nectar Mattress

    When it comes to best value mattresses, Nectar is a firm favorite. Constructed of memory foam only, is incorporates a gel layer that helps remove heat and give a more comfortable night’s sleep. A huge benefit of the Nectar is that for a budget foam mattress, it really provides excellent support, stability and much less noise, which is great for people who tend to toss and turn during the night. It is also pretty good at absorbing impact shock, meaning better motion isolation than traditional spring mattresses. Nectar tends to fall in the medium to the medium-firm range, making it a good foam mattress choice even for plus size people.

    For a mattress that gives the best for your money, you can’t overlook Nectar’s Forever Warranty, covering the life of the mattress as long as you own it. That’s an important aspect for those who are buying on a strict budget.

    nectar bed


    Layla has one mattress in its collection but with a huge advantage for those in the market for a favorably price oriented mattress – it is flippable, with different firmness levels on each side of the mattress. For those on a budget, you are practically getting two mattresses for one price – one softer, and one firmer. The mattress is constructed of advanced memory foam in four layers, with the top layer incorporating three inches of memory foam infused with copper .The copper infusion has an antimicrobial and cooling effect, making it a top choice for people who sleep too warm and are looking for some relief. Plus, the copper reacts to pressure, firming up in areas where the body is pressing more heavily into the mattress.  

    If you want to return the mattress during the 120-night trial, the company will pick it up free of charge. And if you decide to keep it, you’ll get a lifetime warranty for certain aspects of the mattress construction.

    layla mattress

    Casper Mattress

  • Great Zoned Support
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Casper

    Casper mattresses comes in three versions, but the 8.5 inch thick Essential mattress is highly price oriented, and it’s the one we will focus on for the category of best affordable mattress. The Casper Essential is constructed of hybrid foam with an open cell structure to promote airflow. It has three layers that help distribute weight evenly and relieve pressure points. Besides giving decent contouring and support, the Casper Essential is a low-level firmness mattress with a plusher surface that suits people who prefer a softer night’s sleep.

    Casper offers a 10 years warranty on the foam, so you won’t have to sleep on a sagging mattress. If you decide not to keep the mattress after the 100-night trial period, the company will ship for free, which is an important consideration for those on a budget.


    casper mattress structure


    The Purple brand offers two mattresses – the Original Purple and the New Purple. The Original Purple is a very popular budget mattress, as it offers an advanced low pressure sleep surface constructed on the company’s innovative materials. This is the Smart Confort Grid technology, an open cell foam grid that provides excellent responsive support while promoting air flow for a breathable mattress effect. The affordable Original version is in the medium-firm category, which, combined with the reduced pressure sensation, provides an incredibly comfortable sleep experience at a great price.

    You’ll get a full refund and free pickup if you decide to return the mattress within the 100-night trial, plus you’ll get a 10-year warranty if you decide to keep the mattress.

    purple mattress

    Tuft & Needle Mattress

  • Great for allergies
  • Cooling features
  • Tuft & Needle

    Tuft & Needle offers two mattresses, the basic T&N, and the advanced Mint. For the category of best value mattress, the T&N definitely ranks, and the Mint might be worth the extra investment for its innovative features if the budget allows. 

    The basic T&N is constructed of two high-quality foam layers. The specially engineered foam is highly adaptive to the body, conforming to your particular shape and contours. One of the advantages of the T&N is its eco-friendly materials and manufacturing process. For people who are eco-conscious, Tuft & Needle is an affordable brand that will also ease your conscience, its mattresses having earned UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification.

    If you choose to go for the newer Mint mattress, you can enjoy the cooling benefits of a charcoal knitted cover and cooling gel beads, as well as an extra foam layer that adds thickness and support.

    If you decide not to keep your Tuft & Needle mattress after a 100-night trial, the company will pick it up for free, plus you get the 10-year warranty if you choose to keep it.


    tuft mint mattress
    tuft mint review

    Leesa Mattress

  • Balanced foam feel
  • 100-night sleep trial
  •  Leesa 

    Leesa offers two mattress versions, the best value Leesa, and the more costly and advanced Sapira. The Leesa budget mattress is constructed of memory foam only, based on three premium foams, but without too many other bells and whistles. The top layer is a plush cooling cover with a little bit of bounciness to give a softer sensation. The second layer contains 2 inches of memory foam that help to alleviate pressure and adapts to the body in all sleep positions. The bottom layer contains six inches of dense foam that serves as a solid core. In terms of firmness, Leesa is a medium-soft mattress, due to the bounciness of the memory foam in Leesa mattresses. 

    With a 100-night trial and full money-back guarantee, you are pretty safe with the purchase of an affordable Leesa mattress, plus the 10-year limited warranty gives an extra safety net in terms of quality and longevity of your mattress.

    Leesa mattress

    Which Mattress is Best for You?

    When choosing the best affordable mattress, you won’t be distracted by fancy features. Instead, you will focus on the core issues: how is the mattress constructed, what materials is it made from, what level of firmness does it offer, is it suitable for your favored sleep position and body type? Keep in mind that some of the most affordable mattress brands also offer a more advanced version. If you can live without the fancy extras, but enjoy the mattress construction of a particular brand, you can go for the basic version in the knowledge that the company absolutely knows what it is doing when it comes to mattress design. 

    Why You Should Pay Attention to Us

    We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: buying a mattress is not easy, but it can be made easier if you have all the correct information about the various mattresses on the market at your fingertips. That’s what we are here for! The team at The Mattress Reviews is a dedicated group of mattress experts with a higher aim in mind. We are not interested in finding the ‘best mattress’. We want to find the best mattress for you. So we’ve examined and compared a whole host of brands and mattress types. We’ve spoken to consumers, mattress makers, and mattress sellers. We keep our finger on the pulse, making sure to review every new brand, mattress, and feature that comes onto the market. And it’s all here for you – unfiltered, unbiased and accessible, so you can make a sound mattress purchase decision.

    Recap of Best Affordable Mattresses

    The mattresses selected by our review team as the ‘best affordable mattress’ provide a wide range of options when making a price-oriented mattress choice. All levels of firmness are covered, and while affordable mattresses mainly have foam-only construction, there are enough variations in design and comfort factor to let you choose the right one just for you. If you are looking for something extra special, check out Layla’s flippable mattress that offers different levels of firmness on either side of the mattress, or take a look at the Purple mattress that incorporates advanced Smart Comfort Grid technology for comfortable support at an affordable price.

    What Else You Should Be Thinking About

    Just because you are going for a best for the money mattress doesn’t mean you should compromise on your mattress preferences. Consider all the things you want in a mattress, above and beyond the obvious, like firmness level. Think about motion isolation, noisiness and thickness if you are sharing your bed with a partner. If you are a fussy sleeper, then don’t forget to confirm the trial period details so you know you have enough time to make a final decision. And if you are truly looking for the absolute best value for money, don’t worry – all the mattresses listed here are highly recommended, regardless of their affordable budget price.

    Lee Levy

    Lee Levy

    Lee is an experienced reviewer and passionate about trying new products. She is a side sleeper and always looking to ways to avoid back pains in her sleep. Lee is a mom for two little princesses and a devoted wife, living in Brooklyn, NYC.