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How soft or firm a mattress can affect how well each person sleeps. Here are our top choices for firm mattresses, along with a breakdown on why firm mattresses are ideal for some sleepers.


Who is a Firm Mattress Best For?

A firm mattress has less bounce and plushness than a softer bed. At the same time, it still has responsiveness that makes the surface comfortable; an appropriately firm mattress shouldn’t feel like resting on a slab of granite, but it also won’t feel like you’re sinking into a cloud.

Firm mattresses are ideal for people who are back or stomach sleepers since these sleep positions require a firm and responsive surface. While people who sleep on their side may prefer a bed that cocoons their body, someone who sleeps on their stomach or back needs even support that doesn’t pull them in. 

A firm mattress is also a good fit for consumers who may have back problems or pain when they first wake up in the morning. A firmer bed will cradle your body without creating additional pressure points, which may help alleviate back strain. 

Best Firm Mattresses

There are plenty of firm mattresses available on the market, but below are our top three choices. 

#1 Helix

At first glance, Helix’s wide range of mattress options can seem intimidating. The beauty of their collection, however, is that there’s a mattress type suitable for every sleep need and preference. And that’s why Helix tops our team’s list for firm memory foam mattresses.

The highest firmness level in Helix’s collection is a mattress with minimal surface “give,” so you won’t sink in when you lie down. And, with the Helix Dual Balanced or Helix Dual Extra models, you can choose varying levels of firmness per side, giving consumers even more customization options. 

Helix also offers a 100-night sleep trial, though they recommend using at least 30 of those nights to let your body adjust to the bed before deciding either way. Just be sure to take the company’s quiz to find the right fit for your specific sleep needs—and you’ll be enjoying an extra firm and supportive bed in no time. 

helix box

Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
  • #2 Saatva

    Saatva is another company with a wide range of comfort options with their beds. They have a Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm choice. For reference, the Luxury Firm is likened to the firmness level that luxury hotels use—something we can all appreciate! 

    Of course, the Luxury Firm and Firm options provide plenty of stability and support while also including organic Euro pillow tops for a touch of plushness on the surface. Also, Saatva has a 120-night trial period so you can ensure the mattress you choose is the right fit. 

    One of the features with Saatva that our team really liked was the fact that the pricing is the same across each size selection; whether you choose a mattress height of 11.5 or 14.5 inches or any one of the three firmness levels, the price point stays the same. This makes it easy to choose what’s right for you without worrying about extra costs for more features.

    saatva mattress

    Loom & Leaf

    Loom & Leaf impressed our team with their commitment to allergen-resistant and other quality materials. They compare their luxury memory foam mattresses to higher-priced lines, highlighting two firmness options (Relaxed Firm and Firm) for utmost comfort and pressure point reduction.

    Loom & Leaf incorporates organic materials and breathable foam into each mattress, and their 120-night sleep trial lets you sample the bed before making a final decision. Because this company doesn’t recommend fluffy cloud-like beds that have the potential to suck you in, they don’t offer a softer option than the Relaxed Firm, calling Relaxed Firm “just right” for most sleepers.

    loom and leaf mattress

    Which Mattress Suits You Best?

    While price is often a factor when mattress shopping, so are features. And fortunately, our top three picks for the best firm mattresses offer competitive features in an adequately firm and comfortable sleep package.

    What Components Does a Firm Mattress Use?

    Though memory foam mattresses are available in a range of firmness levels, there are components between the types that are the same or similar. Most memory foam beds use multiple layers of foam, often including gel or a different kind of cooling material, with the “springiest” type of material on top.

    And though firm mattresses are less responsive than a softer bed, most still offer pillow-top plushness so that there’s some padding directly underneath you. And while some memory foam mattresses are hybrid models with both springs and foam, firmer mattresses tend to leave out the springs as they’re bouncier than necessary for that firmness type.

    Why You Should Listen to Us

    Choosing a mattress is a complex business. There are so many variables that come into play; it can be an incredibly confusing experience for first-time buyers or those looking to upgrade. After all, a mattress purchase comes but once every 10 years or so – it’s no wonder most people are not experts!

    That’s where we come in! The review team at The Mattress Reviews is dedicated to one thing: uncovering every detail about the mattresses available on the market today, and delivering that information to you, the consumer, in the most comfortable way. As part of our job, we come into contact with mattresses every day. We explore, analyze and compare every aspect of the mattress, from the physical components, such as materials and construction, to the features, including motion isolation, firmness and smell, to the important consumer information, like warranty, delivery and price.

    We live and breathe mattresses, and we are always watching the market, ready to assess new brands, trends, features and product with a suitably critical eye. With so much knowledge and expertise under our belts, we’ve organized it into easy-to-digest articles that cover all the information you must know as an aware consumer. In this article, we focused on one of the most critical aspects of a mattress – the firmness level. There are those who need or want a firm mattress, whether due to back issues or preferred sleeping position, and they are obviously in the market for the best firm mattress for their needs. Let’s take a quick look back on the major things you need to consider if you are looking to buy a firm mattress, for whatever reason.

    Recap of Firmness Features

    While fairly firm compared to some of the softer mattress options on the market, a firm mattress is not in fact hard like a plank of wood. It obviously still must have a certain amount of plushness to ensure proper comfort while offering firm support.

    This is why memory foam is a popular choice for those wanting a firm mattress. Memory foam is comfortable and somewhat responsive without giving the bounciness that comes from spring or hybrid mattresses.

    On the other hand, a high quality firm mattress is not just a simple slab of foam – it will be constructed of various layers of foam, including a firmer foam core, often topped with a gel foam outer level, or a pillow-top foam outer layer to give the sense of plushness that you shouldn’t need to give up on, just because you are in the market for a firm mattress. The reviews in this article cover all the construction elements of our top 3 best firm mattresses. Be sure to check them out thoroughly before making your decision.

    What Else to Look At

    Besides firmness, you shouldn’t neglect to consider other aspects of the mattress, even if you are looking specifically for a firm mattress. For example, the word “firm” means different things to different people. A mattress brand that offers different firmness levels on the firm end of the spectrum will naturally give you more options, and the opportunity to get a mattress with the precise level of firmness you prefer. This is particularly important for back or stomach sleepers who need that firm support, or those with a temperamental back who don’t want the “sink” effect you get with softer mattresses that can cause back pain.

    Also, don’t forget to watch out for the types of materials used in the mattress, particularly if you suffer from allergies or sensitivities, or if you are an eco-conscious type of person. Different brands place these aspects of the mattress construction at varying levels of priority, so make sure to choose a brand that matches your preferences in this aspect of your best firm mattress.

    Lee Levy

    Lee Levy

    Lee is an experienced reviewer and passionate about trying new products. She is a side sleeper and always looking to ways to avoid back pains in her sleep. Lee is a mom for two little princesses and a devoted wife, living in Brooklyn, NYC.