Best Hybrid Mattresses


 For people looking for a mattress with inner springs, a hybrid mattress is an excellent choice, combining the best of both worlds in terms of mattress construction.

Best hybrid mattress

While memory foam mattresses seem like all the rage, there are many consumers who prefer the more traditional and familiar innerspring mattress. Innerspring mattresses are constructed of metal coils fitted inside the mattress to provide responsive support to the weight of the body. Innerspring mattresses are one of the oldest types of mattresses but that doesn’t mean they are old fashioned. 

Today, some mattress brands offer what is known as “hybrid” mattresses, meaning they combine two types of construction – inner springs, and the modern memory foam material that provides advanced firmness while maintaining a sense of plush comfort.

Best Hybrid and Innerspring Mattresses

We’ve surveyed the range of hybrid and innerspring mattresses on the market, and our team has chosen the top brands. Here there are:

Helix Mattress

  • Tailored Solution
  • 100 nights snooze trial
  • Helix Sleep

    The beauty of Helix mattresses is that there are just so many choices – there is definitely something for every type of sleeper, and every level of firmness and comfort. Helix mattresses use hybrid construction, combining advanced memory foam and spring coils. This ensures that your body received just the right support, at whatever level of firmness you need. Not even sure where to start? Take the Helix quiz. It’s designed to take all your sleep needs and preferences into account, and show you the best mattress options for you. 

    With the combination of coils and foam, Helix mattresses do a good job when it comes to motion isolation. But Helix goes much further than that. You can even order mattresses with different firmness levels on each side of the bed, and they also offer mattress options for plus size body shapes. If you are looking for the best hybrid mattress incorporating innerspring construction, but you want a truly broad range of options to choose from, Helix is a good brand for you. In addition, you’ll get a 100-night trial and 10-year or 15-year LUXE warranty.

    helix box

    Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
  • Saatva

    Renowned for plushness and quality, Saatva mattresses are hybrid construction, featuring individually wrapped innerspring coils with a densified memory foam layer, topped with a plush organic pillow top for extra softness and comfort. Mattresses are available in two heights – 14 inch and 11.5 inch – and three firmness levels, Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm.

    The spring coils, which are each wrapped separately, do a great job of promoting airflow and boosting motion isolation. This contributes to a cooler sleep experience, and less movement of the mattress when you move, meaning a better night’s sleep for your partner. Saatva mattresses also come with an extra support section in the lumbar region. Plus, you get a very convenient 120-night trial and 15 year warranty. All in all, Saatva is a great hybrid mattress choice that includes innerspring construction, with an extra touch of luxury that takes the sleep experience up a notch. 

    saatva mattress

    Purple Mattress

    The popular Purple brand offers the New Purple, a hybrid mattress that provides a step up from the Original Purple memory foam mattress. The New Purple is constructed of advanced layers, including responsive spring coils topped with the company’s signature Smart Comfort Grid™, a memory foam section with an open-grid design that increases air flow and gives a cooling effect. The memory foam layer has two main complementary benefits to the spring coils: firstly, the responsive foam reduces pressure points on the body that are more obvious with innerspring, and secondly, the foam helps to reduce motion transfer, which can be a problem with bouncier spring coil beds. This means your partner can get a quieter night’s sleep, even if you are tossing and turning.

    Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty, so whether sleeping alone or not, you can be secure in your purchase choice of the New Purple hybrid mattress.

    purple mattress

    Why Choose a Hybrid and Innerspring Mattress

    Compared to memory foam mattresses, hybrid and innerspring mattresses tend to provide a slightly ‘bouncier’ feel, due to the spring coils used in construction. Coils create a sense of responsiveness or ‘give’ in the mattress that you don’t get from firmer memory foam.  However, after years of use, spring coils lose their springiness somewhat, and the mattress can tend to sag. For some people, that increased softness is desirable; for others, this is a disadvantage. Fortunately, hybrid mattresses mitigate this common problem by combining spring coils with supportive memory foam to envelop the coils, adding powerful layers of firmness and comfort. 

    If you are a warm sleeper, and you are looking for a cooler mattress, hybrid or innerspring mattresses are a good option. Standard memory foam mattresses have less air space inside, which reduces airflow and causes the mattress to trap heat more easily. With hybrid or innerspring construction, the reduced density means that air circulates better, helping to keep you cool. This is even more pronounced with the addition of cushion tops containing cooling gel or the use of special outer fabrics that wick away moisture. Many hybrid mattresses include these advanced features, giving you some of the benefits of memory foam, without the heat trap.

    Additionally, hybrid and innerspring constructed mattresses are suitable for people who sleep in all kinds of positions. This is due to the fact that mattresses with spring coils have that slight ‘sinking’ sensation, ideal for people who sleep on their side or front and who need additional give in high-pressure places. The addition of various memory foam layers gives extra comfortable support that pure innerspring mattresses sometimes lack. For back sleepers needing a firmer mattress, choosing a hybrid or innerspring option is less of a must.

    Given the long history of innerspring mattresses on the market, and the clear preference of many consumers for this favorite mattress type, there are a number of brands that offer high-quality hybrid and innerspring mattresses. So you have many options to choose from. 

    Which Mattress is Best For You

    Innerspring mattresses have been around for a long time, but today’s hybrid mattresses are the new generation of coil spring mattresses. They combine the advanced benefits of memory foam with the traditional feel and advantages of innerspring construction. Some of the leading brands offer hybrid mattresses with a range of extra features, from plush cushion tops, to individually wrapped coil construction to boost air flow, to the use of eco friendly materials. It’s simply a matter of narrowing down your preferences to choose the best hybrid and innerspring mattress for you.

    Why You Should Listen to Us

    These days, there are so many types of mattress options, whether memory foam, innerspring or a hybrid mix of both. Whatever your mattress preference, you may find yourself swamped with the information and choices before you. But what if you could get all the mattress information you need, already reviewed, vetted and organized, at your fingertips and available right now?


    That’s what we aim for at The Mattress Reviews. Our team of mattress specialists have examined every mattress on our site, while keeping an eye out for new trends, features, products and brands that are popping up all the time. We are not partial to any particular mattress type or brand – we just want to help you make the right decision. If a hybrid mattress is what you are after, this is the article for you. Plus we have loads of other articles for every type of sleeping preference, mattress option and brand comparison. It’s just a matter of clicking, reading and making your choice – the rest has already been done for you. 

    Best Hybrid and Innerspring Mattresses Recap

    If you are looking for a hybrid and innerspring mattress, you will be able to enjoy a lot of advanced features together with the traditional innerspring construction. Gone are the days of sagging coils, poky springs and lumpy mattresses. Today’s innerspring mattresses are built with hybrid construction, incorporating memory foam layers that let you benefit from the features of coil springs while also enjoying some of the modern extras you get from memory foam. The New Purple, Helix and Saatva mattresses provide all the benefits of hybrid construction but each have their own unique features too. If you are a finicky sleeper with lots of preferences, Helix’s wide range will have something for you. If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, the Saatva just might provide it, with their ‘hotel level’ hybrid mattresses. And the New Purple is a solid hybrid option for fans of the Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid™, incorporating spring coils with the memory foam favorite.

    Other Things to Consider

    Memory foam boosts the longevity of your mattress by providing a protective layer over the innerspring coils that will naturally lose their strength over time. Keep in mind the firmness level you prefer –  you can enjoy the slight “bounciness” of metal coils while also having the firmness of advanced memory foam. Or alternatively, with hybrid mattresses, you can have a softer plusher feel, with the support of metal coils deep inside beneath the softer foam layers ,truly the best of both worlds. If you are sharing your mattress with a partner, make sure to pay special attention to motion isolation. Hybrid mattresses have less motion transfer than pure innersprings, but more motion transfer than firmer memory foam. Check out the different options to get the right formula for both sleepers.

    Lee Levy

    Lee Levy

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