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If buying a mattress isn’t tricky enough, when it comes to choosing the best mattress for couples, the difficulty factor just doubled. No two people are alike – even among couples – and everyone has specific preferences when it comes to sleep. 

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress for Couples

Apart from all the usual considerations, like firmness, support and budget, one of the key things that couples need to consider when choosing their best mattress is the motion isolation factor. When two people share a bed, it is inevitable that they will be affected by each other’s movements. If your partner is a light sleeper who tosses and turns during the night, you will be wanting to reduce the effect of their motion on you as much as possible. A mattress with good motion isolation is constructed in such a way that it ‘isolates’ the movements of each person. This means the mattress effectively absorbs the movement thus reducing the impact of motion on the other person.

Any couple sharing a bed would do well to explore deeply the motion isolation factor of mattresses.

Here’s a quick look at the best mattresses for couples that are worth checking out.

Best Mattresses for Couples

When it comes to mattresses for couples, these are the top mattresses we recommend:


Loom & Leaf for Couples

There are many advantages of Loom & Leaf mattresses for couples. There are two firmness levels – Relaxed Firm and L&L. The Relaxed Firm option is a good choice for couples who need to compromise as it is not too firm or too soft.  Also, Loom & Leaf mattresses are one of the few brands that work with adjustable bases, which gives more flexibility of choice for couples who have a lot of factors to consider.

Made of layers of breathable memory foam, Loom & Leaf uses eco-friendly, organic materials, which is useful if suffering from allergies. And what about the all-important motion isolation factor? Loom & Leaf gets top marks, with gel and memory foam layers specifically designed to reduce motion transfer and prevent bounciness.

loom and leaf mattress

Nectar Mattress

  • Semi-Firm, Cool
  • Great pricing and promotions
  • Nectar – Best Mattress for Two People

    Nectar offers one mattress option, 11 inches thick, and in a range of sizes. With all-foam memory construction that includes 5 layers, Nectar mattresses give good support with a slightly bouncier feel. In terms of motion isolation, Nectar is pretty good. For couples who prefer a slightly more responsive mattress, Nectar is a good compromise, providing the right support with a touch of softness that many couples prefer. The cooling gel top and plush cushion top add extra comfort layers, and with good breathability, Nectar promotes airflow, which is a nice benefit for couples who want to reduce heat.

    nectar box

    Helix Mattress

  • Tailored Solution
  • 100 nights snooze trial
  • Helix Sleep Mattress For Couples

    Helix offers so many mattress options, there will definitely be something for even the most finicky couples. Helix has several mattress collections, each with its own firmness level, and each mattress comes in normal or “luxe” variant, for a more plush experience. In terms of motion isolation, it will depend on which mattress you choose. Helix mattresses are constructed of various layers of memory foam over individually wrapped coils. The firmer options will perform better in terms of reducing motion transfer than the plusher models, but there is ample choice to suit everyone. One of the biggest advantages of Helix for couples is that it offers a dual mattress that can be customized for different firmness levels on each side. This means couples can really choose a mattress that is best for each partner, without having to compromise.

    helix box

    Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
  • Saatva Mattress for Couples

    Saatva mattresses are a hybrid construction that includes memory foam layers and spring coils. Available in three firmness levels, Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm, we found that the firmer levels performed well in terms of motion isolation, as they were less responsive than the softer versions.

    The coils in Saatva mattresses will provide some extra bounciness, which means motion isolation may not be as good as foam-only mattresses. However, the luxurious qualities of Saatva mattresses, such as extra lumbar support and organic Euro pillow tops make Saatva a good choice for luxury-loving couples.

    saatva mattress

    Purple –  mattress for two

    When it comes to motion isolation, you can’t do much better than Purple mattresses. The company claims to offer zero motion, due to the Smart Comfort Grid technology, which absorbs shock with a grid-like cell construction of its patented foam layer.

    Purple offers two types of mattresses, the Original Purple and the New Purple, with the New Purple incorporating support coils in the base and three firmness levels. For couples seeking excellent support and the highest levels of motion isolation, you can’t go wrong with Purple.

    purple mattress

    Layla- The Best Two Person Mattress

    Layla has just one mattress in its collection, but it’s an excellent choice for couples. Layla mattresses boast top-notch motion isolation, due to the multi-layer advanced memory foam construction. In addition, Layla mattresses are made of foam cells infused with copper, known for its antimicrobial and cooling effects. Another innovative feature of Layla mattresses is they are ‘flippable’, meaning you can choose a different firmness level on each side, and flip the mattress when you feel you need a softer or firmer experience. 

    Layla Mattresses

    Tuft & Needle Mattress

  • Great for allergies
  • Cooling features
  • Tuft & Needle Mattress

    Tuft & Needle offers its basic T&N model, and the more advanced Mint model. Both are memory-foam only mattresses, which means they perform well in terms of motion isolation. That is one reason why they are a popular mattress choice for couples. Another big bonus of Tuft & Needle’s Mint mattress is its eco-friendly materials and amazing cooling properties, including the addition of heat-dispersing graphite, charcoal-based cooling cover and gel beads. In addition, the mattress covers are made of micro polyamide and polyester, instead of cotton, helping to wick away moisture during the night. For couples who are eco-conscious and prefer a good level of motion isolation, Tuft & Needle is a recommended brand.

    tuft and needle mattress

    Which Mattress is Best For You

    When choosing the best mattress for couples, “you” is not one but two people. That will make the decision process more complicated. For some people, their partner’s movement during the night is not a bother. For others, it can really affect sleep quality – and their relationship! For those couples, it is vital to focus on the motion isolation factor when choosing a mattress. All the mattresses listed in this article have been vetted for their motion isolation performance, and they are a good choice for even the fussiest sleepers.

    Why You Should Hear Us Out

    Choosing the best mattress for couples is not a competition. It’s not a competition between brands, nor between the two parties in the relationship. It’s just about finding the best sleep experience for each individual. Sometimes this will demand compromise. In any event, the best way to make a mattress decision for couples is to have all the information at your fingertips – impartial, unbiased and honest.

    That’s our aim at The Mattress Reviews! We are a group of mattress experts who know everything there is to know about mattress construction, technology, firmness levels, and even those tricky aspects specifically related to sharing a mattress with another person, such as motion isolation. 

    Best Mattresses for Couples Recap

    If you are looking to buy a mattress as a couple, you need to consider the aspect of motion isolation. The top brands in this respect are listed in this article. Like every aspect of buying a mattress, motion isolation is very individual. For some couples, a moderate motion isolation level is more than enough, which means they can be more flexible in considering other factors. For others, keeping motion transfer to a minimum is a top priority. In this case, you should start with assessing motion isolation performance first, and then move to the other considerations afterward.

    Other Things to Think About

    The best mattress for couples is not just about motion isolation. If the couple has extremely different preferences for soft or firm, they may want to consider a mattress that can be customized separately for firmness on each side. Or, they may want to consider a flippable mattress, so they can experiment with firmness levels to make each partner happy. For couples, a long trial period is vital, meaning there will be enough time for each partner to consider how the mattress suits their individual needs, and then to figure out if it is a suitable option for them as a couple. And if one partner sleeps hot, the couple may want to choose a mattress with good cooling effects. No matter what you choose, after assessing for motion isolation, the best mattress for couples often comes down to one thing: compromise!

    Lee Levy

    Lee Levy

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