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We are here to rank the best organic or eco-friendly mattress.

Best organic Mattresses

Why Choose an organic and natural mattress?

There have never been so many eco-friendly and natural options when it comes to mattresses than there are now. This is especially the case when buying a mattress online.

A natural mattress is a bed consisting of non-toxic and natural materials such as organic latex, natural cotton, and pure wool. These products are obtained from organic sources and handled without the use of toxic chemical agents to ensure the safety of any sleeper.

Today, we are here to rank the best organic or eco-friendly mattress. Keep reading and learn more about the best options on the market.

1. Birch Natural Mattress

The Birch mattress is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress, made of organic and natural material. The medium-firm position provides excellent comfort for heavy individuals.

The bed is designed with a top surface of nonchemical and natural wool, completed by a secondary layer of ventilated, organic Talalay latex for more convenience. The Birch mattress also contains certified organic cover strengthened with a fire barrier produced with natural wool.

Birch is one of the most humanitarian online mattress firms. Therefore, you can be helping a noble purpose when you order one of their mattresses. In support of their reforestation actions, the company promised to donate 1 percent of its sales to the National Forest Foundation.

Additionally, the Birch mattress is 11 inches thick. This is a relatively soft mattress, making it ideal for sleepers struggling to get in and out smaller beds. Still, it is considered a medium-firm mattress compared to other models. Firm edges also avoid sleepers from falling off the edge throughout the night.

The Birch mattress has a very receptive surface compared to conventional innerspring. Latex and wool fabrics do not match or hold the body quite tightly as opposed to beds constructed from other substances, such as memory foam. Latex is one of the most robust components of the mattress. Natural latex beds usually last for at least eight years, making them relatively resilient compared to the average lifetime of the cushion of seven to eight years.

Birch Mattresses Review

2. Eco-friendly Awara Mattress

Awara is a healthy, organic, and affordable latex hybrid mattress. It is constructed from natural materials. Also, the bed is robust, burly, and incredibly supportive. Rainforest Alliance certifies the latex, ensuring it meets cultural, social, and environmental conditions.

On a firmness scale, the Awara mattress is a medium-firm mattress. This experience can be particularly pleasant for sleepers over 130 pounds seeking a combination of comfort and compliance. The blend of Awara’s comfort and firmness makes it a perfect mattress for back and stomach sleepers.

Awara is a 13-inch bed, making it a little thinner than the standard. Its design consists of zoned support coils, 100% organic, natural Dunlop latex, cotton, and organic wool covers.

This mattress is meant for warm sleepers and individuals over 230 pounds. The mattress is well designed for eco-conscious buyers.

Awara also provides a cost-free trial period that encourages you to test the mattress for a whole year before the return window ends. If you feel that Awara is not the best choice for you, you can return the mattress for complete refund, as long as it is in the trial period.

Awara Mattresses Review

Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
  • 3. Saatva eco-materials Mattress

    Saatva is one of the brand-new leading industries in the online mattress sector and is valued for making high quality, eco-friendly and comfortable beds. The Saatva is a premium innerspring mattress designed with thick layers of warmth and a robust coil-on-coil support structure. The bed is also available in three firmness scales and two thickness models, providing a comfortable choice for most sleepers.

    Saatva makes sure to use only the finest of eco-friendly materials – including Organic cotton outer cover, Inner springs constructed from recycled steel, Eco-friendly memory foam layer, and exclusive botanical antimicrobial fabric treatment that inhibits bacteria to make the organic cotton to last longer.

    The company provides a wide variety of options, namely innerspring, hybrid, memory foam, and latex. Under the Saatva name, the company has three primary designs: Traditional, HD, and Solaire.

    saatva mattress

    4. Avocado Healthy Non-Toxic Organic Mattress

    Avocado Green mattress is distinguished for its original and organic items, along with the business’s eco-conscious production methods and sustainable substances. Avocado is among the most prominent hybrid mattresses available online, mainly due to its eco-friendly design and the use of 100% organic approved latex, wool, and pure cotton.

    The business is currently producing two designs: the leading Avocado Green mattress and the comparable Avocado Vegan.  Both types are latex hybrids. The production involves both foam and coils. Also, these models are 11 inches long. The cushion adds 2 inches, bringing the total length to 13 inches.

    This is a sturdy bed without the topper. It loosens up to around a moderate-firm. It may not be the best choice for someone looking for a comfortable touch from his mattress. If you need all memory foam, Avocado might not be your bed as it lacks the conventional force relief. Still, if you need a mattress that is receptive, firm, and dense, Avocado might be the right option.

    We recommend Avocado for sleepers over 240 pounds. The mattresses are hard enough to offer superior comfort to heavier sleepers. Also, the bed is well suited for a stomach or a back sleeper who weighs between 130 and 230 pounds.

    Avocado’s mattresses are green in more than one description, with several accreditations for efficiency, comfort, quality, and sustainability. If you consider the fabrics and the production methods, it’s a great deal.

    Avocado Healthy Non-Toxic Organic Mattress

    5. My Green Mattress

    My Green bed is an eco-friendly hybrid product with organic cotton, natural wool, and organic latex.

    Also, the mattress is sustainable and environment-marketed. The company forms a quilted pure cotton cover. It is modern, comfortable, and smells beautifully natural, as opposed to synthetic. Also, this bed gives a lot of convenience to back and stomach sleepers.

    This mattress best fits clients looking for environmentally friendly solutions. The bed is firm and responsive, but it might not the best choice for a side sleeper. You can get the right pressure relief to match your body’s curves when you rest on your side throughout the night. In terms of looks, the bed is elegant, soft, and cushioned. It certainly has a unique feel of latex foam.

    My Green mattress

    Final Thought

    In short, choosing an organic mattress is no easy task. It depends entirely on your personal feelings and type of sleeper you are. If you are eco-friendly conscious and you want to save the environment, then there’s no better solution than organic bedding.

    Pros & Cons of an Organic Mattress

    If you’re interested in purchasing a natural soft affordable mattress, it’s best to know the advantages and disadvantages before you go out shopping.


    They offer a protected sleeping space. The organic materials used in these items do not come with chemical substances. It means that you should not breathe in harmful elements that may have an effect on your body and health over time, even in low concentrations.

    The most significant advantage of an organic mattress is undoubtedly the decreased effect on the environment. Nature’s concern is rising every day, and it’s something we should all care about. With that being said, consumers should help manufacturers who use eco-friendly practices by purchasing their products.


    Mattresses that use actual natural substances are often more expensive than synthetic ones. However, due to their working lifespan, the purchase makes a lot of sense.

    Also, there is a chance of cheating. Since there is no explicit control over what forms organic mattresses, many producers use natural materials to improve covers that are only partially organic.

    Therefore, consumers are required to do rigorous research to ensure that they are purchasing a genuinely green product.

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    Things to Consider Before You Choose Your Next Bed

    Choosing the correct bed can be a challenge these days. With our five-step mattress plan, we strive to make this online experience a little less stressful.

    Mattress Style and Overall Comfort

    One of the first aspects you encounter when you go out shopping for a new mattress is the variety of different styles that makes your choice challenging. Mattress components and development can get a little confusing. Still, to make things easier, we generally like to classify online beds into one of two boxes: spring & hybrid mattresses and foam beds.

    What is the perfect firmness for a mattress?

    This is possibly the most debated topic when it comes to mattresses. Often, the first thing people say when exploring beds is, “How comfortable is it?” or, “How firm is it?” Some people want a very luxurious, fluffy bed. Some people want a robust bed or something in between. Reliable and comfortable mats can differ on your body shape, weight, product choice, and more. Most of the mattresses to buy online comes at only one degree of firmness. They are developed and equipped to fit all kinds of people.

    Mattress Budget range

    It’s crucial to determine your resources before you go out shopping. Purchasing a mattress is like buying a car. This isn’t like buying a bottle of milk. You’re going to have it for 8 to 10 years, hopefully.

    Now, it is not the time to be a cheapskate, even though we’re not assuming that you’re going to be in debt for a mattress.  A good cushion can have a lot of positive results on your physical health and wellness. You should keep in mind two things: quality can be unreliable and don’t go cheap.

    You can most likely find a proper mattress at a reasonable price point, but there is a certain trimmed-off level. We practically suggest staying away from beds priced under $600. However, we would suggest starting with a cost of $800-$1,000 if you’re aiming for a queen bed.

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