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Full vs Queen and Queen vs King- Comparison

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When you choose a mattress for yourself or for someone in your family, one of the considerations you will have to think about is the size. For kids, the usual choice is either twin or twin XL, but for adults, the choice only comes down to three sizes – Full, Queen, and King.These three are just the right size for adults, but the choice of which one is a perfect choice comes down to which size best fits the person sleeping in it.To help you understand the main differences in size for all mattresses that are available to you, here is a table of these standard mattress sizes and their dimensions:
Bed SizeLengthWidthHeight
Twin 75 inches 38 inches11 inches
Twin XL 80 inches38 inches11 inches
Full 75 inches54 inches11 inches
Queen 80 inches60 inches11 inches
King 80 inches76 inches11 inches
California King 84 inches72 inches11 inches

As you can easily see, the sizes of the beds that you can choose from vary slightly from one another, if you are to compare Full versus Queen versus King. The addition of the California King size is for those who are taller, with these mattresses having the longest length of them all. These will need bigger bedrooms however since the longer length dictates it.

When it comes to room sizes, the smaller beds fit smaller rooms. If you have a room that measures 10 by 12 feet in size, you should opt for a Full-sized bed since it is small enough to fit but big enough for your comfort. For bigger rooms, you can choose bigger beds. For those who have rooms that measure 10 by 14 feet, a Queen sized mattress will do quite well. Rooms bigger than 10 by 14 can easily accommodate King sized beds.

Other Considerations to Think About

Apart from room size, you will also need to consider a few other things before buying a bed. While you can choose to buy a bed that fits you just right, if you are buying a mattress for you and someone who will be sharing the bed with you, the bigger options should be considered.

To help you with your decision, here are the other considerations you need to make when it comes to choosing between Full, Queen, and King.

Full-Size Mattress – This is a great choice for those who have a smaller room but need a bed they can share with someone. These measures 54 inches by 74 inches and are sometimes called double beds. This is the mattress most people transition from childhood to adulthood, since it can comfortably fit one but with space to spare. Rooms that these can fit in a measure a minimum of 9 feet by 10 feet.

Queen Sized Mattress – This is the next choice you have if a full-sized bed is too small for you. This mattress measures 60 inches by 80 inches and is also a great bed for two people to sleep comfortably. This is the mattress of choice for most couples since it allows them enough space to sleep in without it feeling too crowded or too spacious. This size has gained so much popularity of late that some parents choose this for their kids even though it may seem too big for others. This mattress can easily fit in a room that measures at least 10 feet by 10 feet.

King Sized Mattress – This is the biggest mattress you can buy for any room without it feeling too big. This is the best option for couples who want to sleep together in the same bed but don’t want to crowd each other. One thing you will need to remember though is that this bed can eat up a lot of space in a room. If you are planning on putting a lot of other furniture in the room, you will want to create a layout of everything going into the room before buying such a sizable bed. The minimum room space that you will need to comfortable fit this bed in is 13 feet by 13 feet. If you opt for the California King, which is a longer version, your room needs to be around 13 feet by 19 feet, to accommodate the added length.

You will also need to consider your budget when choosing what size to buy. The bigger the bed, the more expensive it can be. The difference in price between a full and a queen is around 20% while the price difference between a queen and a king is roughly a few hundred dollars more.

Mattress Size Comparison

Which Bed Should You Choose?

So which bed should you choose out of the three? Take into consideration the factors mentioned above and you will find the perfect one for you. You will also need to consider the bed material, the firmness, the brand, and the design of the bed when you make your choice.

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