Casper Vs. Leesa: Head-to head Comparison


Here, we’ll compare Casper and Leesa, highlighting each brand’s features and offerings.

Casper vs Leesa

The headache of shopping for a mattress is the primary reason many people continue to sleep on their uncomfortably sagging beds for years longer than necessary. Fortunately, we’ve found a way to make things easier for consumers. Our team has examined every online mattress retailer and has plenty of facts and comparisons to share with you so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Read on for more about both brands and their respective collections, or skip to the summary section, if you’re in a hurry.

Casper is available both online and via the retailer Target, and the brand offers three collections to suit a variety of needs. Leesa has two lines, one a memory foam mattress and one a hybrid version, the second mattress a direct response to consumer needs.

​Who Is It For?

Casper mattresses come in three heights with similar firmness. The top-tier bed focuses on relieving pressure and accommodating sleepers with positioning challenges and back pain. The other two mattresses offer responsive and low-level firm sleep surfaces that are also budget-friendly.

Leesa has a memory-foam-only mattress with premium foam components but few other frills, ideal for sleepers without preexisting pain or other conditions. The other Leesa collection is a hybrid bed with pocket-spring coils and foam, suitable for those looking to make a transition away from traditional mattresses while reaping the benefits of supportive memory foam.

Leesa mattress

The Collections

Casper has three collections: Casper Essential, Casper, and Casper Wave. They range in height from 8.5 to 11.5 inches, and all are memory foam-only beds. Leesa’s basic mattress is memory foam only, and the Sapira is a hybrid with innerspring coils.
SizeCasper Essential PriceCasper PriceCasper Wave PriceLeesa PriceLeesa Sapira Price
Twin XL$400$645$1,195$695$1,095
Cal King$725$1,195$2,395$1,195$1,795

Construction of the Mattresses

Casper mattresses use a proprietary blend of poured memory foam in the construction of all three collections. The Wave has five layers of foam that comprise 11.5 inches, including a hypersensitive top layer, a contoured surface for pressure relief, and a transition layer for comfort.

The mid-range Casper is 10 inches high with four layers of foam, including Zoned Support. The Essential is 8.5 inches and has three layers of foam that lend some bounce to the bed’s surface feel.

Leesa’s memory foam model has three foam types: one for heat dispersion, one for contouring to the body, and one for pressure point relief. Denser core foam gives the mattress substance and helps prevent sagging over time.

The Sapira, the company’s hybrid offering, has a top layer of foam for the surface bounce, but underneath the contouring foam layer lie the individually wrapped coils. Our team liked that although the hybrid mattress still uses innersprings, the surface feel mimics that of a purely memory foam mattress while still contributing sufficient support.

Leesa Mattress
Casper Mattress

Trial Period and Guarantee

Casper has a 100-night sleep trial, during which you can return the bed at any time for a full refund. If you keep the bed, a 10-year warranty applies. The warranty protects your purchase against sagging and manufacturer defects.

Leesa’s trial is also 100 nights, although customers in Alaska and Hawaii must pay a $100 fee to return the unwanted mattress. All Leesa beds come with a 10-year warranty as well.

Firmness Level

Casper’s “bouncy” Essential bed and Leesa’s primary memory foam bed both offer a responsive top surface, which our team ranks as low-firmness. And although the Sapira has innersprings, its surface is more of a medium-firm, a bit more resistant to sinking in than Casper’s other two beds.


The Casper mattresses utilize open-cell memory foam so that you sleep cool, but they also have plushy surfaces that mold to your body for a comfortable night’s rest. Leesa’s beds use a proprietary foam blend on the top surface of both mattresses, and this foam is what gives the mattresses their bounce. It also contours to your body and helps reduce heat dispersion, enabling you to sleep coolly.

Overall, our team considers both Casper and Leesa mattresses comfortable, but for those seeking firmer sleep experiences, we do acknowledge these beds may not be the best option.

Smell Effect

Neither bed company uses toxic materials which off-gas, so any odor is due to the packaging and vacuum sealing process. Casper says its beds may have a bit of a smell from the water-based adhesive they use, but this should go away within a matter of hours at the most.

Motion Isolation

Our team has to be honest here: neither Casper nor Leesa is the best regarding motion isolation. This is because all the beds in their collections use “bouncy” foam on the top layer, meaning a bit of jostling is inevitable if you share your bed with someone else.

However, all five types of beds between Casper and Leesa offer better motion isolation than traditional innerspring mattresses. Even the hybrid Sapira manages to reduce motion transfer thanks to its firm foam components on top of the wrapped coils.

The Ordering Process

You can shop online for both mattress brands, but their beds are also available in select stores. Casper stocks its mattresses with Target and in its own retail locations. Leesa mattresses are in many West Elm and Pottery Barn locations as well as online.

To order a Casper mattress, you’ll choose the collection you want, select a size, and add the bed (and any accessories or pillows) to your cart. Shipping is free, and your order should process within two days at the most.

Ordering a Leesa mattress is just as simple. Choose either the standard Leesa or the Sapira, select a mattress size, and check out. Leesa also offers White Glove service in some locations, but you have to choose this option at checkout.

And while it may not affect consumers directly, our team really liked that Leesa has committed to donating one mattress for every ten that they sell. The program also applies to the West Elm and Pottery Barn locations, which shows a serious commitment to social issues on the part of Leesa.

Casper Mattress
Leesa Mattresses

Delivery and Packaging

Casper mattresses ship for free and arrive at your door within up to five days after processing. If you’ve ordered a bed frame, pillows, or other items, too, they may arrive on different days. This is due to processing and shipping procedures (and streamlining). You can also opt for White Glove service, and Casper’s team will set up your mattress and remove your old one if necessary.

If you choose to go it alone, the wheels on the mattress box will help you maneuver your new bed with ease. Boxes weigh between 62 and 112 pounds, so you may need some help with the unboxing.

With Leesa, delivery can take up to seven business days after your order processes. Shipping is free with Leesa as well, and all their mattresses ship from a US-based facility. However, their White Glove service is only available in select areas. And if you want their delivery team to remove your old mattress, there is a fee of $50 for that service.


So which brand for me?

In comparing Casper and Leesa mattress brands, our team felt that a wide range of sleeping needs are covered. It’s up to the consumer to take stock of all the different features and benefits of both to make the right choice.

When it comes to range, Casper offers three mattress types while Leesa has two in its collection. Casper mattresses are constructed of memory foam only, while Leesa offers a memory foam mattress as well as a hybrid option with built-in coil support. For those who need more support, or prefer the sensation of medium firmness, then Casper’s mid-range mattress or high-end Wave mattress, or Leesa’s hybrid Sapira mattress will be the best option.

When it comes to comfort and flexibility, Casper’s three mattress options range from soft and bouncy to medium-firmness with up to 5 layers of memory foam. First-time buyers, as well as those needing extra support and stability, will find a solution with Casper. Leesa also has a good option for starters as well as a hybrid mattress for those who need to level up their mattress, whether because of back issues or comfort needs.

In terms of cost, those who need a true budget mattress will be naturally drawn to the Casper Essential or the Leesa basic option. Both brands also provide the next-level mattress options for more complex sleep needs.

Lee Levy

Lee Levy

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