Casper Vs. Loom & Leaf: Head-to head Comparison


Here, we’ll compare Casper and Loom & Leaf, highlighting each brand’s  and offerings and features .

If you’ve been shopping for a mattress for any length of time, you’ve likely become frustrated with the number of options and the lack of clarity. Selecting from so many choices can be confusing, but we are hoping to make it easier! We offer brand comparisons to help make your decision a little easier.

Read on for more about both brands and their respective collections, or skip to the summary section, if you’re in a hurry.

Here, we’ll take a look at Casper, which has three types of mattresses to suit a range of budgets and sleep needs, and Loom & Leaf, which is most commonly compared with the more expensive (and feature-rich) Tempur Pedic mattresses. Read on for a comparison between the two brands and the mattresses they offer.

​Who Is It For?

Casper has three mattress lines (the Casper Essential, the Casper, and the Wave) with varying heights and comfort features that address multiple price points. All their mattresses are medium-firm, but the Wave (at the top of the price range) is touted as an ergonomic mattress, one which our team finds ideal for those with back pain or discomfort.

Loom & Leaf, on the other hand, offers a single mattress in their collection. Their 12-inch thickness memory foam bed works with adjustable bases and incorporates cooling gel, breathable foam, and eco-friendly features to cater to consumers who want luxury at a more affordable price.

kids loom and leaf mattress

The Collections

Casper’s three collections and Loom & Leaf’s one mattress span a range of prices. Loom & Leaf mattresses also come in both relaxed firm and firm styles. Here’s more on the pricing and options for each collection.
SizeCasper Essential PriceCasper PriceCasper Wave PriceLoom & Leaf Price (both relaxed firm and firm)
Twin XL$400$645$1,195$849
CAL King$725$1,195$2,395$1,699

Construction of the Mattresses

All three of Casper’s mattresses begin with a proprietary foam blend that’s free of ozone-depleting chemicals and emissions. They all use open-cell foam for its cooling features, but from there, however, our team noticed quite a few differences between the three lines.

The Essential mattress is 8.5 inches thick and uses three layers of foam in a basic and functional design. The Casper is 10 inches high and combines four layers of foam with Zoned Support, a high-density memory foam layer, and a transition layer that intends to add another element of comfort.

The Wave, Casper’s top-of-the-line mattress, is 11.5 inches thick with five layers of signature foam. It also has a Hyper-Targeted Support layer for that ergonomic spinal support. A hypersensitive top layer adds to the pressure relief function, a feature our team really appreciated.

Loom & Leaf, with its single mattress, uses its own eco-friendly materials and methods. The mattress construction includes a quilted organic cotton covering with natural flame-retardant properties, a cooling gel to reduce heat absorption, eco-friendly memory foam, and airflow channels for further cooling.

Also, the construction of Loom & Leaf’s mattress lends itself to use with an adjustable base, something that’s not always the case with more budget-friendly mattresses.

Loom & Leaf Mattress
Loom & Leaf structure
casper mattress for family

Trial Period and Guarantee

Although Casper meets the industry minimum with a 100-night free sleep trial, Loom & Leaf adds 20 more nights to that offer. With Casper, their mattress products are covered by a 10-year warranty if you decide to keep them. If you opt to return the bed, Casper will retrieve the bed and donate it to charity if possible.

And although Loom & Leaf’s trial period is impressive, our team wasn’t quite as impressed with their return policy following the trial. To return the bed, you must pay a $99 transportation fee to get the product back to Loom & Leaf.

One perk Loom & Leaf has that Casper does not, however, is their 15-year warranty if you keep your new bed. Under the extended warranty, you can obtain a complete replacement if your mattress becomes damaged within two years. After that, you can receive a discounted replacement—but you can also keep the old mattress.

Loom & Leaf’s warranty even covers indentations and lumps in the mattress, if they fall within a certain size specification. Our team liked this feature in the warranty, as “body impressions” aren’t a point of wear that is usually covered under the product guarantee.

Firmness Level

While Casper’s three mattresses use varying layers of foam for their construction, the firmness of each ranks fairly low. Each mattress uses a soft sleep surface that feels cushier than other mattresses we’ve tried. That said, the Essential mattress appears to be the most bouncy of the three.

With Loom & Leaf, there are two firmness levels; Relaxed Firm and L&L Firm. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect a bouncy or plushy surface with their bed. However, the company terms their Relaxed Firm as a “just right” level of firmness and their “Firm” as “very firm.” To our team, this translates into a more supportive sleep surface with less “give.”


Because Loom & Leaf aims to compete with Tempur Pedic and other more “luxurious” brands, their focus is on comfort and construction. Their mattresses feature organic materials and even fibers that are naturally hypoallergenic. This can mean a big difference in sleep quality for people with allergies or just sensitivities to dust.

The adjustable bases the company offers are also a plus, as you can try out the entire system to see how it works for you at home. For many consumers, an adjustable base means the difference between a decent night’s sleep and a super comfortable one!

With Casper, you can expect essential comfort out of the Essential mattress, but the other two (higher-priced) beds offer transition foam layers for added coziness. Plus, the Wave has that spinal alignment layer that can help relieve pressure, something our team is fond of for back pain sufferers. Of course, we can all use some pressure relief when it comes to sleep, anyway.

Smell Effect

Loom & Leaf is the clear winner here, as most of their components are natural or organic, including foams that are at least 30 percent soy or corn oil rather than inorganic solids. There shouldn’t be any uncomfortable smell coming from your bed, unless it’s a “plastic” smell from the vacuum sealing process.

With Casper, a similar use of nontoxic ingredients means less off-gassing than a traditional bed. However, you may need to air these out a bit due to the odor from the water-based adhesive the company uses. Of course, it wasn’t too extreme to our team; especially in comparison with traditional mattresses, the smell effect was slight.

Motion Isolation

Casper’s Essential mattress claims to have some bounce, but overall, the three memory foam beds in Casper’s line are decent at isolating your bedmate’s motion. Loom & Leaf specifically incorporates gel and foam into their beds to help reduce motion transfer so that you can expect more stability in that regard.

The Ordering Process

To order a Casper bed, you can select the type and size of mattress and add it to your cart. Orders process within one or two days of checkout and shipping is free.

Loom & Leaf ordering is simple as well: select the size and firmness of your bed, plus any accessories, such as an adjustable base.

Casper Mattress
loom and leaf mattress

Delivery and Packaging

Casper mattresses can arrive at your door in a wheeled box, or you can opt for White Glove delivery, which includes removal of your old mattress plus setup of the new one. Loom & Leaf’s default delivery option is the white glove-type service, a highlight we appreciated given that many companies require an additional fee for the feature.

Loom & Leaf will also cart away your old mattress, but you must select Free Mattress Removal at checkout when buying your new bed.  


So how do I decide?

When comparing mattresses, it’s always interesting to look at two brands that take different approaches to their products. That’s the case with our comparison of Casper and Loom & Leaf.

Casper’s range includes three mattresses with varying combinations of memory foam layers. That means you can choose from the most basic Essential mattress, a budget-friendly no-frills memory foam mattress that’s great for starting out, through the 4-layer mid-range mattress, to the 5-layer Wave, considered the brand’s advanced, ergonomic option.

On the other hand, Loom & Leaf offers just one mattress in its collection, available in two styles – a relaxed firm or firm. The mattress is styled as an ergonomic and advanced product, uniquely constructed with eco-friendly materials, including memory foam, cooling gel, and quilted organic cotton cover. The Loom & Leaf is suitable for adjustable beds, which is important to keep in mind as not all mattress brands can attest to this.

For a pricing comparison, Casper’s mid and high-level range mattresses are comparable to Loom & Leaf, while the Casper Essential is a great starter mattress for tight budgets. It all comes down to how many extra features and flexibility in firmness you want in your mattress choice.

Lee Levy

Lee Levy

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