Casper Vs. Saatva: Head-to head Comparison


Here, we’ll compare Casper and Saatva, highlighting each brand’s features and offerings.

Mattress buying is more like rocket science than anyone cares to admit. From memory foam to innerspring coils to firmness and plushness and mattress height, the specifications alone are enough to make shopping for a new bed more trouble than it’s worth.

Fortunately, there is a way to make it easier. We offer comparisons of all the top mattress brands so you can make the right decision when it comes to buying the best mattress for your needs.

Read on for more about both brands and their respective collections, or skip to the summary section, if you’re in a hurry.

Here we’ll look at Casper and Saatva, two brands that are comparable in terms of pricing but which each offer unique benefits and features. Casper has three collections to suit a variety of price points and sleep needs, while Saatva offers one collection with multiple firmness choices and height selections. Read on for the details and specifications on both.

​Who Is It For?

Casper mattresses deliver a straightforward buying experience: there are three mattress heights to choose from, all of which are purely memory foam construction with supportive open-cell foam. The Essential collection is bouncy and cozy while the Wave delivers heightened support for proper spinal alignment.

Saatva’s collection spans every firmness level and height, giving consumers more options when it comes to selecting the plushness of their bed. Pricing is the same across the board; whatever height or firmness you opt for, the price varies only in terms of the bed size (from Twin to California King), making customization accessible even on a budget.

casper mattress for family
saatva mattress

The Collections

With Casper’s three mattress collections and Saatva’s single line, we’ve compiled a table to detail the pricing for each.

SizeSaatva PriceCasper Essential PriceCasper PriceCasper Wave Price
Twin XL$749$400$645$1,195
Cal King$1,499$725$1,195$2,395

Construction of the Mattresses

All Casper mattresses start with layers of proprietary memory foam. The Essential mattress has three layers, the Casper four, and the Wave five. All use hybrid open-cell foam, and the Casper has zoned support and a transition layer for further comfort. The Wave, Casper’s priciest model, also has Hyper-Targeted Support to help relieve pressure and promote ergonomic positioning and comfort.

Saatva mattresses are hybrid construction with both individually wrapped coils and memory foam. Their beds feature organic cotton pillow tops, stiff foam and a base coil layer to help the bed keep its shape, and CertiPUR US certified components.

Our team was particularly impressed with Saatva’s environmentally friendly approach to their mattress’ construction, including the use of a botanical fabric treatment on the pillow top, their sustainable furnishings progress, and overall eco-conscious materials.

Saatva Mattresses
Saatva Structure

Trial Period and Guarantee

Casper gives consumers a 100-night sleep trial to decide whether the mattress is right for them. If you choose to return it, you just call the company and they’ll pick up the mattress. And, whenever possible, they’ll donate the gently used mattress to charity rather than throw it away.

Saatva’s sleep trial is slightly longer at 120 nights, but they do charge a $99 transportation cost for coming out to retrieve your unwanted mattress. However, our team appreciated the fact that rather than return the mattress, you could also swap it out for a bed of a different height or firmness. The $99 fee still applies, but consumers have the opportunity to try another bed from the brand rather than start their mattress-buying journey all over again.

Casper gives a 10-year warranty on its beds, and Saatva’s are covered under a 15-year protection plan that also includes replacement options beyond the third year of ownership. For the first two years, your bed is protected against manufacturer defects only.

Firmness Level

Casper’s three mattresses have similar firmness, with the Wave and Casper ranking at low- to medium-firm. The Essential is bouncier and holds at a solid “low firm” spot.

Saatva’s firmness levels span Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. Per their website, Luxury Firm is the solid-surface firmness luxury hotels employ in their beds.


Casper’s entry-level bed, the Essential, has a bouncy feel that’s cozy and responsive. Their mid-range Casper is adequately comfortable without feeling overly plush, and the Wave concentrates more on relieving pressure points than being plushy. However, for consumers who need back support and pressure relief, our team agrees the Wave may be the most comfortable of the bunch.

You might guess that since Saatva aims to imitate the luxury hotel experience, they’re paying close attention to comfort. And our team found that to be true when it comes to a restful and cozy night’s sleep. The Euro pillow tops are plush, even on the firmest beds, and deep lumbar support gives you the pressure-reduction you need to sleep without backaches.

Smell Effect

Casper uses nontoxic water-based adhesives in its memory foam mattresses, and the unfamiliar smell threw our team off a bit. However, the company maintains that there is no “off-gassing” from the memory foam, so opening a window or turning on a fan should help relieve that new bed smell.

Saatva’s mattresses are some of the greenest we’ve seen concerning both sustainability and non-toxic components. So while it might have a more “natural” smell—such as that of dried grass or fresh trees, thanks to the flame-retardant thistle—your Saatva bed is entirely safe to sniff.

Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
  • Motion Isolation

    Motion isolation is not ideal with Casper’s Essential, although the company appears proud of its “bouncy” model. Motion isolation is improved with the Casper and Wave beds, however, due to the additional layers of memory foam.

    Saatva’s mattresses seem to have a bit more “give” than traditional memory foam mattresses, and that’s mostly due to their hybrid construction. However, the individually-wrapped coils are surrounded by memory foam, so there is less motion transfer with these beds than there is with a traditional spring mattress.

    The Ordering Process

    To order a Casper bed, you’ll select the collection you want, then add the correct size of bed to your cart. You can also add on bedding and pillows if you wish; these items are included in your 100-night sleep trial, too.

    The process is a bit more involved when ordering a Saatva bed. You’ll need to determine which size, firmness, and mattress height you want. However, the pricing is streamlined across all options, so you can freely choose the features you want without going over budget.

    Once you order your Saatva, the company will reach out to you to set up a delivery window. Casper delivers directly to your door, however, and the wheeled box is for you to maneuver on your own.

    Casper Mattress
    saatva mattress

    Delivery and Packaging

    Casper’s boxes weigh between 60 and 112 pounds, and while there are wheels on the boxes, you can opt to have their White Glove service deliver, unbox, and set up your new bed. They can also take away your old mattress at the same time.

    With Saatva, mattress delivery includes the traditional “white glove” setup by default. The service is complimentary, and the delivery crew will also remove your old bed. Saatva will reach out to you the day before delivery to confirm a window of time for setup, and they’ll handle everything else.


    So what’s my choice going to be?

    Making a final decision on a mattress purchase often comes down to choosing between two final contenders. If you’ve been deliberating over Casper vs Saatva mattresses, here’s a quick sum-up of both. Remember, there’s no such thing as a perfect decision – just the best mattress to meet your optimal sleep needs.

    The Casper collection offers three mattresses of varying thicknesses and firmness levels, from the soft, responsive Essential mattress, a great starter option, through to the mid-range Casper and advanced Wave mattress. Casper mattresses are constructed of memory foam only, although the Wave is built with 5 layers giving good ergonomic and back support for those who need it. 

    Saatva, on the other hand, offers a range of heights and firmness levels in its collection, and all mattresses are hybrid constructed, meaning they combine memory foam with supportive coils. There are three firmness levels, Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm, and we love that the Luxury Firm option is said to be the same as that used in luxury hotel mattresses.

    Between the two brands, Saatva offers a more plush experience, while Casper’s selection gives a solid, no-frills, low-to-medium firmness. In terms of price, the two brands are comparable in mid-range pricing levels, while Casper provides more budget options with the entry-level Essential and high-end Wave mattress options. The only thing left for you to do now is deciding!

    Lee Levy

    Lee Levy

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