Nectar Vs. DreamCloud: Head-to-head Comparison


In this mattress comparison review, we are taking a look at Nectar vs DreamCloud brands

Nectar vs DreamCloud Mattress Review

In many ways, these two mattress collections are highly comparable, yet there are some differences that make it an interesting comparison when stacking up feature against feature. Both Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses have top benefits, such as fast delivery, 365-night trial, and good motion isolation. But to find out how the Nectar vs DreamCloud comparison really looks, you’ll have to read on!

Read on for more about both brands and their respective collections, or skip to the summary section, if you’re in a hurry.

Who Is It For?

Nectar is a good choice for people who are looking for an affordable memory-foam-only mattress option. It offers midway firmness, yet strong support and good motion isolation. This makes it a great option for couples sharing a bed and those who like to sleep in a variety of positions. The medium level firmness helps create a comfort sensation no matter whether sleeping on your back, side or combination positions. In addition, Nectar has cooling materials incorporated into the mattress so it’s a preferred choice of people who like to sleep cool.

DreamCloud mattresses are also a medium-firm level of comfort, yet the hybrid construction that includes innersprings makes it an ideal choice for people who want the traditional spring mattress together with advanced memory foams that are so popular in mattress construction today. The pocketed springs add a nice level of breathability to the mattress, contributing to a fresh sleep sensation. You get firm support without the sinking or bouncy feeling and motion isolation is good, so couples and larger size individuals might just find their match in DreamCloud.

nectar bed

The Collections

Nectar offers one mattress in its collection, made of memory-foam-only construction. Available in all sizes, it is an affordable yet good quality choice. Here is the current pricing for the Nectar mattress:

Twin XL$569
California King$999

DreamCloud also offers one mattress in its collection, called the Luxury Hybrid Mattress. It is a hybrid construction, combining foam support and innerspring coils. As far as pricing goes, DreamCloud mattresses are slightly higher than Nectar, as it is a hybrid construction, which tends to be pricier. Even so, DreamCloud falls in the affordable price range for hybrids and is available in all standard sizes.

Here is the pricing breakdown for the DreamCloud mattress:

Twin $699

Twin XL $899

Full $1099

Queen $1199

King $1399

King Cal $1399

Construction of the Mattress

The Nectar mattress is a foam-only construction, comprised of 5 layers of support. The first layer is the base layer, which provides a solid breathable foundation that reinforces the contouring and support layers. Next is a layer of adaptive hi-core memory foam, which provides necessary support and responsiveness for the body, followed by a layer of gel memory foam, which cools the body and also helps distribute weight evenly while conforming to the body contours.

The top layer is quilted gel memory foam that adds a layer of soft plushness to help contour the body and promote airflow for a cooler sensation. This is topped with a Tencel cooling cover that wicks away heat and allows for increased air circulation.

The DreamCloud mattress has 6 layers: the base layer provides stability and keeps the higher layers in place. Then, there is an additional base layer that provides support directly beneath the pocketed springs to help keep the mattress stable and aligned. Next, there is a layer of pocketed springs that provides strong support and motion isolation while promoting air circulation and breathability. This is topped with a support layer that helps stabilize the higher layers and contributes to body alignment. A layer of gel memory foam helps relieve and support the body’s pressure points, and the quilted euro top layer is soft and plush, contributing to the luxury feel that DreamCloud is known for.

DreamCloud’s Mattress Construction
DreamCloud Mattress
nectar mattress inside
Nectar Mattress Inside

Trial Period & Guarantee

Nectar vs DreamCloud in the trial period and guarantee category are equal players, both offering a 365-night trial with a full refund if you decide the mattress is not right for you. Both companies also offer lifetime guarantees. In the first 10 years, Nectar and DreamCloud will replace the mattress entirely if there are defects in the construction or workmanship. After 10 years, they will repair, recover or replace depending on the fault or issue. With both Nectar and DreamCloud, you can sleep easy with peace of mind due to their risk-free purchase conditions.

Firmness level

When it comes to Nectar vs DreamCloud in terms of firmness, there are a lot of similarities here. Both mattresses are medium-firm level, offering a midway sensation between plushness and support. For Nectar and DreamCloud, the firmness of the support layers is offset by the cushioning top layers, which contributes to the medium-firm rating.


Nectar and DreamCloud both have high comfort profiles. This is due to the proper support and spinal alignment you get with both mattresses, yet the plush quilted top of the DreamCloud mattress and cooling gel memory foam top of the Nectar mattress add an extra level of comfort that goes beyond the support factor.

For people who sleep warm, the Nectar is a good option with added cooling comfort.

For people who need extra solid support, such as back sleepers or plus-size individuals, DreamCloud is a good option for comfort level, as the innerspring layer provides the extra support, preventing any sensation of sinking, while still ensuring a plush luxury feel.

Smell Effect

Nectar mattresses are CERTIPUR-US® certified, so they are not made with chemicals such as ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury, or lead. This means that any smell you encounter when opening a Nectar mattress is the usual off-gassing effect of new foam, and is not harmful. The slight smell will dissipate shortly after the mattress has time to breathe and air out.

DreamCloud mattresses also may come with a slight smell after opening the box however it too will disappear after a short time, once the mattress has had a chance to breathe.

Motion Isolation

Nectar vs DreamCloud fare similarly in the area of motion isolation. As a memory foam mattress, Nectar performs well in terms of absorbing the impact of movement and controlling motion transfer. The multiple layers of memory foam in the Nectar mattress do a great job of providing comfort with hardly any sensation of motion transfer.

The DreamCloud mattress also performs well in motion isolation, due to the layers of foam above and below the pocketed springs layer. Any ‘bounciness’ of the springs is offset by the high-quality foam that absorbs the shock of movement, as well as the solid edge support that helps properly contain the motion.

The Ordering Process

Ordering Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses online is very easy. When you select your Nectar mattress, you can also opt to add extra accessories, plus there are often sales and special offers to take advantage of. There is chat support during business hours if you have any issues, All in all, ordering Nectar mattresses online is a smooth experience,

The ordering process offered by DreamCloud is similar to Nectar. Choose your mattress size, any extra accessories, and checkout online quickly and easily. There is a financing option available.

dreamcloud-mattress side look
nectar box

Delivery & Packaging

Nectar delivers your mattress order free via FedEx within 1-5 days of placing the order. If you choose the White Glove service at an extra fee, your delivery will include the removal of your old mattress and setup of the new one. Nectar mattresses are packaged in a protective carrier with handles, so moving it from the door to the bed is made easier for you.

With DreamCloud, your order will arrive in 2-3 business days, or add an extra 1-2 days if you choose the White Glove delivery service. Shipping is free in the contiguous United States, including returns and exchanges. The mattress comes vacuum-packed in a box straight to your door, weighing between 74 to 135 pounds, depending on the mattress size.


Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses are in many ways on a par. They both offer medium-firm support, with a high comfort level and good motion isolation. Their trial periods and warranties are similar, and pricing reflects the construction of Nectar memory foam vs DreamCloud hybrid.

Nectar mattresses have additional cooling features, while the innersprings of the DreamCloud make it a good option for people who need extra springy support over and above a foam-only construction. When it comes down to it, the decision between a Nectar and DreamCloud mattress purchase might depend on whether you prefer memory foam only or a hybrid sleep experience. Both measure up well in all other comparative features.

Lee Levy

Lee Levy

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