Nectar Vs. Saatva: Head-to head Comparison


Here, we’ll compare Nectar and Saatva, highlighting each brand’s features and offerings.

With so many choices for mattress shopping online, it’s become more challenging than ever to find the right fit. However, our goal is to help you find the ideal mattress for your sleep needs, so we sifted through all the top mattresses to compare the features and help you make the right choice.

Here we’ll look at the brands Nectar and Saatva. Both offer competitive pricing on memory foam mattresses which offer comfort and support. It can be confusing to decide which is best suited to your needs, which is why we’ve broken down the similarities and differences.

Read on for more about both brands and their respective collections, or skip to the summary section, if you’re in a hurry.

Nectar offers one line of mattresses in sizes from Twin to California King that has a responsive and supportive sleep surface. Saatva has a collection with varying mattress heights and firmness levels, but their pricing is the same across all specifications. Here’s more on the features of both.

Who Is It For?

Nectar takes a one-size-fits-all approach with their single mattress collection; there’s one firmness that aims to reduce pressure points, keep you cool while you sleep, and offer a cozy sleep surface. Their mattresses are ideal for those seeking comfort and support in a no-frills package.

Saatva, on the other hand, has options for customization. They offer varying mattress heights (14.5 inches versus 11.5 inches) and three firmness levels. Still, pricing varies based on mattress size—from Twin to California King—only.

nectar bed
saatva mattress

The Collections

Nectar’s mattresses all measure 11 inches high and have the same construction and features. Saatva’s mattresses come in two heights plus three firmness levels, but pricing is the same, thus the single column in our comparison chart.
SizeSaatva PriceNectar Price
Twin XL$749$594
Cal King$1,499$1,024

Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
  • Construction of the Mattresses

    Nectar claims their mattress is like sleeping on a cloud, and we’d have to agree. The combination of CertiPUR-US Certified Foam plus gel memory foam does create a responsive and bouncy surface. First, the top cover, a Tencel cooling cover, offers breathability and moisture absorption to keep you cool.

    The next layer is flexible foam, plus two additional layers of memory foam that help circulate air, reduce pressure points, and contour to your body.

    Saatva’s mattresses are hand-crafted in the US using eco-friendly materials, including an organic cotton pillowtop. There’s also a botanical fabric treatment to keep allergens and contaminants away. Below the pillowtop on the Saatva, there are individually wrapped coils to enhance airflow and reduce motion transfer. The coils also help with body-conforming features, but there are also foam layers to help support your body and maintain the mattress’ shape.

    Saatva and Nectar both hold CertiPUR US certification, meaning they use no toxic chemicals or formaldehyde. The certification also ensures the beds have low VOCs and don’t contain ozone depleters. We were also impressed by the fact that Saatva has won an award for sustainable furnishings, especially given that their price point remains comparable to similarly featured brands.

    nectar mattress inside
    Nectar Mattress Inside
    Saatva Mattresses
    Saatva Structure

    Trial Period & Guarantee

    Nectar tops our team’s list for its lengthy trial period with a 365-night home experience, and if you’re unhappy with the mattress at any point, the company will come to retrieve it for free. They’ll issue you a full refund on the mattress price, although if you had it delivered with White Glove service, you wouldn’t receive a refund for that amount.

    Nectar also has a Forever Warranty on its beds, a handy feature considering all the ways a mattress can become damaged through regular use. To our team, this impressive warranty shows how much Nectar cares about its consumers.

    Of course, Saatva also has a higher-than-average trial period, lasting 120 days. If you decide to return it, however, you’ll pay a $99 transportation cost to give it back. There are no other fees, though, and a team will come to pick up the bed.

    You can also swap out your Saatva mattress during the trial if you decide you’d prefer a different firmness or height. The same $99 fee applies to this scenario, too. But if you keep the mattress, it comes with a 15-year warranty. Our team was impressed by the policy, which includes the option to swap out the bed if it has an issue between years three and 15.

    Firmness Level

    Nectar is known for having a more responsive mattress, thanks to the gel memory foam that gives it a bit of bounce. The company ranks it as a 5.5 to 7.5 on the firmness scale, and our team would call it a lower-level firmness option.

    Saatva has a range of firmness options with both their 11.5-inch and 14.5inch mattress heights. Options include Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. Luxury Firm, according to the company, is the comfort level luxury hotels use. Of course, you can choose which is the most comfortable for you, making Saatva a good choice for people who prefer to select a specific firmness.


    Nectar’s use of gel memory foam helps reduce heat transfer and also conforms to your body, making it a comfortable and cozy sleep surface. The softer, plush surface still gives plenty of support, however, and reduces pressure points while cradling your body.

    Saatva’s beds could be considered more comfortable, simply because you can choose your own firmness and height options. Therefore, consumers who like a plush sleep surface can select the Plush Soft option for more of a sinking-in type sleep.

    Conversely, consumers who like a harder sleep surface can go with the most rigid choice, the Firm. All Saatva mattresses have organic Euro pillow top surfaces, known for their plushness, and there’s inner lumbar support for comfort.

    Smell Effect

    While Nectar notes their mattress is mostly odor free, it does have a bit of a fresh foam smell. However, our team really liked that it wasn’t overpowering, and it clearly isn’t “off-gassing” since the materials are all certified.

    With Saatva, the same applies; there’s a bit of a new mattress smell, but it’s less “chemical” and more “woodsy” thanks to the eco-friendly and natural materials. For people who are sensitive to scents, these are two of the least “smelly” mattresses upon unboxing. Even Saatva’s flame retardant, a natural thistle blend, has an outdoorsy smell instead of an industrial one.

    Nectar Mattress

  • Semi-Firm, Cool
  • Great pricing and promotions
  • Motion Isolation

    While Saatva has a range of mattress firmness levels, motion isolation is better with the firmer options. However, the plusher the bed, the more you can expect to feel some movement when your bedmate moves around. Also, the inner coils have some effect on motion isolation in these beds. However, the addition of memory foam helps stabilize them to the point where it’s not so much bouncing as slight jostling.

    With Nectar, the company highlights the responsiveness of its mattresses, noting the “bounciness” as a positive feature. Of course, that means a bit more motion transfer than most other memory foam mattresses.

    The Ordering Process

    You can only purchase Nectar and Saatva mattresses online, but both include free shipping to your front door.

    With Saatva, you’ll select the size, firmness, and mattress height from the menus on the ordering page. Then you’ll check out, and after the order processes, Saatva will contact you to set up a delivery date and delivery time window. They will call you the day before to determine the four-hour delivery window. Their delivery service includes unboxing and setup, no extra fees required.

    Nectar mattresses have a similar ordering process, although you’ll only need to select the mattress size since they don’t have varying firmness or height options. Delivery options are either front door drop off or White Glove delivery and removal of your old mattress for $149. Most states also require a $20 mattress removal fee due to state laws.

    nectar box
    saatva mattress

    Delivery and Packaging

    Your Nectar mattress will arrive in a box weighing between 45 and 105 pounds, depending on the size you ordered. Once it comes, you’ll open the cardboard box, remove the plastic wrap, and the mattress will plump up on its own.

    Saatva mattresses arrive with a delivery team, so you don’t need to unbox or unwrap the bed yourself. Removal of the old mattress is included for free.

    Nectar mattresses arrive in boxes weighing between 45 and 105 pounds, and you can set up your mattress on your own or request White Glove service for an additional fee. Delivery can take up to eight days depending on the delivery method you select (whether White Glove or standard shipping).


    So which mattress brand will work for me?

    When choosing a mattress, there are a lot of things to consider. The final choice you make will reflect your personal preferences – and not just those of your back! Besides, physical comfort, there are also practical matters to consider, like size, price, warranty and more.

    In the comparison of Nectar and Saatva mattresses, the distinction is quite clear. Nectar offers one type of mattress, a responsive, bouncy yet supportive mattress constructed of advanced memory foam with a cool gel cushion top for extra plushness. Saatva on the other hand offers various mattress heights and three firmness levels, Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm. The mattresses have a hybrid construction, with individually wrapped coils that help the mattress conform to your body shape, plus an organic foam top for extra support. 

    An advantage of Saatva is its simple pricing – mattresses are priced only according to size, no matter the firmness level or height. 

    The main difference between Nectar and Saatva is its approach – Nectar offers one medium-firm mattress that offers a one-size-fits-all sleep experience, while Saatva has a much wider range of options in terms of firmness and thickness. For those who are not fussy about their mattress, the Nectar is a solid choice. Those with more specific needs will enjoy the broader range of options available at Saatva.

    Nectar Mattress

  • Semi-Firm, Cool
  • Great pricing and promotions
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