Purple Vs. Leesa: Head-to-head Comparison


Purple and DreamCloud are both respected and popular online mattress companies, and they share a lot of qualities.

Purple vs Dream Cloud Mattress

Purple’s range is much wider, and includes memory-foam-only and hybrid mattresses, while DreamCloud only offers a hybrid mattress. While Purple has more range, DreamCloud excels in its niche. 

Let’s get started on the journey to discover Purple and DreamCloud in this comprehensive mattress comparison review.

Read on for more about both brands and their respective collections, or skip to the summary section, if you’re in a hurry.

Who Is It For?

Purple vs DreamCloud is a good option for people who want a larger choice of mattress. Purple offers its standard memory foam only option, plus its Hybrid and Hybrid Premier mattresses that combine memory foam and innerspring coils for an extra level of support. All Purple mattresses incorporate the company’s well-known Smart Comfort Grid, which is what sets it apart from competitors. Everyone can find a mattress for them among Purple’s range although keep in mind that some of their mattress options fall into the pricier category.

DreamCloud is a solid option as it offers one mattress type at an affordable price, but it covers a lot of bases. It is a hybrid construction of memory foam and innerspring, falling squarely in the medium-firm category, yet also offering plush comfort due to the various foam layers. It also performs well for motion isolation. DreamCloud and Purple are head to head on a number of factors.

There is a lot to consider in a comparison of Purple vs Dreamcloud, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

purple mattress

The Collections

Purple offers three mattresses in its collection: the Purple, Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier. The Purple is a memory foam only version, while the Purple Hybrids incorporate innersprings for a hybrid option. All price points are covered, from budget to high end.

Here’s a summary of the pricing for the standard Purple:

Twin $649

Twin XL $749

Full $949

Queen $1099

King $1399

Cal King $1399

Split King $1498

The Purple Hybrid is available in all sizes except Twin. See below for the pricing of the Purple Hybrid:

Twin XL $1299

Full $1499

Queen $1599

King $1899

Cal King $1899

Split King $2598

The Purple Hybrid Premier is available in all sizes except Twin, and in two thickness levels of the Smart Comfort Grid, 3 or 4 inches. Here is the pricing for the 3-inch grid mattress:

Twin XL $1899

Full $2099

Queen $2199

King $2699

Cal King $2699

Split King $3798

Here is the pricing for the 4-inch grid version of the Purple Hybrid Premier:

Twin XL $2499

Full $2699

Queen $2999

King $3499

Cal King $3499

Split King $4998

On the other hand, DreamCloud has one mattress in its collection – the Luxury Hybrid Mattress. A hybrid mattress incorporating memory foam layers and pocketed innerspring coils, the DreamCloud mattress comes in a range of standard sizes, with pricing as follows:

Twin $699

Twin XL $899

Full $1099

Queen $1199

King $1399

King Cal $1399

Construction of the Mattress

Purple mattresses are constructed with the company’s own unique memory foam design layer, called the Smart Comfort Grid. It is an open-cell foam that uses materials engineering principles to create a supportive layer than relieves pressure points while enabling air to flow through the mattress – something which does not usually happen with mattresses made of dense memory foam layers. Apart from preventing overheating, the Smart Comfort Grid also contributes to the mattress’s excellent motion isolation factor.

The Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier mattresses are available in three different thicknesses of Smart Comfort Grid. The Hybrid has a 2-inch Smart Comfort Grid, while the Hybrid Premier is available with either a 3-inch or 4-inch grid layer. The Hybrids also incorporate pocketed springs, which creates extra support and slightly more responsiveness than the foam-only version.

The DreamCloud mattress is made of 6 layers, at a generous 15-inch high. The bottom layer gives overall stability to the mattress and helps keep the top layers in place. This is followed by a base layer underneath the innerspring layer for extra stability and support for the coils. The innerspring layer itself helps to increase the airflow within the mattress while providing a strong responsive support layer that controls motion transfer.

A stabilizing layer above the innerspring layer keeps the top layers properly aligned for total contouring and comfort. Next, a gel memory foam layer provides relief and support to pressure points, while softening the overall feel of the mattress. The top layer is a plush euro quilted top that adds a touch of luxury and pillowed softness.

DreamCloud’s Mattress Construction
DreamCloud Inner Structure
Purple Mattress

Trial Period & Guarantee

Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial, with a full refund on the mattress if you decide to return it within that time frame. DreamCloud, however, offers a full 365-night sleep trial, which is generous by industry standards. Purple’s warranty is for 10 years, while DreamCloud offers a Lifetime Warranty. In the first 10 years, the mattress will be replaced in the case of defects in workmanship or materials. After 10 years, they will repair, recover or replace the mattress depending on the nature of the problem.

Firmness level

When it comes to Purple vs DreamCloud in terms of firmness level, there is no straight comparison. While the standard Purple mattress is medium-firm, like the DreamCloud, the Purple Hybrids offer varying levels of firmness. The Purple Hybrid is slightly firmer feeling than the Purple, with dynamic pressure support of the spring coils. The Hybrid Premier is available in either 3 or 4-inch layers of Smart Comfort Grid, for a firmer yet at the same time plusher sensation. Those going for the standard Purple or DreamCloud will have comparable firmness levels, which is a convenient mid-way medium-firm, ideal for couples who need to compromise on firmness or for combination sleepers.

While the DreamCloud is categorized as medium-firm, remember that it actually offers quite firm, non-bouncy support. But the plusher top layers offset this effect to ensure a more medium firmness feel.


When it comes to comfort, both Purple and DreamCloud get good marks. With Purple, however, the choice of different firmness levels with the Purple Hybrid mattresses means that there is more room to move for people who have different ideas of comfort.

DreamCloud is a comfortable mattress experience due to the plush luxury feel that comes with the euro top and comfort foam layers. You can enjoy soft comfort yet in the knowledge that the lower layers are actually providing firm stability and support. For lighter weight people, the DreamCloud might be too firm for comfort, but for co-sleepers or larger people, the DreamCloud comfort level fits the bill nicely. 

Smell Effect

Made of 100% non-toxic materials, Purple mattresses have no “off-gassing” effect. Rather, there is the “new smell” that comes with any new foam-based product. This will dissipate fairly quickly once the mattress is opened up and has a chance to breathe.

The same goes for DreamCloud mattresses, which don’t off-gas but have that certain “new” smell. This will disappear after you open the box and unroll the mattress. Let it breathe a while and you will find the smell effect is gone fast.

Motion Isolation

In the motion isolation stakes, Purple is a top winner. It is well known for its excellent motion isolation effect, which is due to the open cell construction of the Smart Comfort Grid layer. This layer absorbs the impact of movement and lends the “zero motion transfer” effect that the company promotes.

DreamCloud also performs well in terms of motion isolation. The innerspring layer, which could cause motion transfer, is cushioned by memory foam layers on both sides which absorb the impact of movement and help control the effects of motion. Both Purple and DreamCloud are good choices for co-sleepers or for restless and light sleepers who are affected by movement during the night.

The Ordering Process

When ordering a mattress from Purple online, the first choice is which one to buy. Unlike DreamCloud, which has one mattress type, Purple offers the standard Purple, Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier, which is available in two different Smart Comfort Grid layer thicknesses, 3 or 4 inches. It’s important to note that the Purple Hybrid mattresses are not available in Twin size, only Twin XL. This is significant if you are swapping out a twin mattress as you would also need to swap out the base to fit a Twin XL size.

Purple and DreamCloud both provide free shipping in the contiguous US. 

DreamCloud offers a very simple ordering process, with only one mattress type to choose from in a full range of sizes. There are extras and accessories you can add to your purchase, plus there is a financing option available too. 

Your CreamCloud mattress will arrive within 2-3 business days unless you order the White Glove delivery service, which will add 1-2 days to the delivery process.

Delivery & Packaging

Your Purple mattress is delivered straight to your door rolled in a vinyl tube with convenient carry handles. If you order a White Glove delivery service, the company will remove your old mattress and set up your new one too.

DreamCloud mattresses are delivered to your doorstep in a box weighing between 74 and 125 pounds. There is a White Glove delivery service to help you set up your mattress and remove the old one. Like with Purple, this extra service comes with a fee.

purple mattress


Purple and DreamCloud are both considered solid brands in the bed-in-a-box market. DreamCloud offers one mattress type, a medium-firm hybrid mattress that combines innersprings and layers of memory foam for a supportive and responsive sleep experience. The Purple offers the foam only original mattress, plus Hybrid options that reach into the high-end pricing bracket. Purple gets top marks for motion isolation and comfort with its unique Smart Comfort Grid. DreamCloud is a worthy competitor though, with an equally comfortable hybrid mattress option. Purple offers more variety in terms of the range, however, for those looking for a hybrid mattress, at any price point, you will definitely find your best choice from among DreamCloud and Purple mattress brands.

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