Layla Vs. Purple: Head-to head Comparison


Here, we’ll compare Layla ans Purple, highlighting each brand’s features and offerings.

What’s the deal with mattress companies naming themselves after things which aren’t mattresses or related to sleep whatsoever? Layla is a woman’s name, but it’s also a mattress company which makes lightweight sleep solutions. Likewise, Purple is a color, but it is also a mattress company known for making hilarious advertisements.

As two relative newcomers in the mattress manufacturing industry, both Purple and Layla have made big splashed with their new approach to spring-free mattresses.

Read on for more about both brands and their respective collections, or skip to the summary section, if you’re in a hurry.

Purple’s mattresses are marketed as being scientifically formulated and highly technological, whereas Layla’s mattresses are marketed with “it just works” simplicity. But which mattress will lead you to your ideal zonking, snoozing, dozing, and conking?  

Who Is It For?

Purple’s mattress is ideal for people who dislike the feeling of memory foam and who need a firm yet pliable mattress. Furthermore, the Purple mattress excels at containing motion from one part of the mattress to another. This means that couples will be able to sleep with fewer interruptions.

Layla, on the other hand, is great for people who need an exceptionally soft bed that sleeps a little bit warmer than other mattresses. Whereas the Purple mattress helps the sleeper to feel like they’re being sleeping on air, the Layla mattress feels more like being embraced in a cocoon.

The cocoon feeling is warmer and more intimate, but it won’t be best for people who like to sleep on their back or who need to feel cool while they sleep.

purple mattress
Layla mattress

The Collections

Layla only has one mattress, and it comes as-is. This makes your decision much easier if you think you’d prefer a Layla mattress. Layla mattresses are also much less expensive than the Purple mattresses.

Purple offers two lines of mattresses: the original Purple, and the new Purple. In the new Purple line, there are a few choices: firm, medium, and soft. For reference, the soft new Purple mattress costs $2499, meaning that softer firmness’s will be substantially (exorbitantly?) more expensive.


Original Purple

New Purple

Layla Price

Twin XL
















Cal King





Casper Mattress

  • Great Zoned Support
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Construction of the Mattress

    Neither Layla nor Purple are traditional memory foam mattresses. Both incorporate multiple layers of memory foam and other kinds of foam to provide optimal comfort.

    Layla has a firm layer, a soft later, and a crate pad. The crate pad helps the bed to retain its warmth and also provides the distinctive sinking-in feeling that many people crave.

    In contrast, Purple’s mattress has similar foam layers, but approaches its crate pad entirely differently. The crate pad of the Layla is eggshell-shaped, which means it can feel slightly lumpy if you push hard enough at a single spot.

    Purple’s mattress has a grid-type crate pad which provides a lot of firmness and pushes back against anything that pushes down on it without becoming lumpy. The result is that the Purple mattress feels like it isn’t there, whereas the Layla mattress feels like it is giving you a hug.  

    Purple Mattress
    Purple Mattress Structure
    Layla Mattress Structure

    Trial Period & Guarantee

    When you purchase a Layla mattress, you can sleep on it for four months. You’ll probably know within a few days if the distinctive feeling of the Layla mattress is right for you, however.

    The Purple mattresses feature a three-month-and-an-extra-fortnight trial — which is to say you can sleep on it for 100 nights while making your final call. Because the Purple mattress opts for being undetectable while you sleep, it might take a substantial portion of the trial period.

    Notably, both mattresses have great warranty policies. The Purple mattress has a 10-year warranty, whereas the Layla mattress has a lifetime warranty. You will probably not experience any manufacturing defects with either mattress, however.

    Firmness Level

    While the Purple mattress offers several levels of customizable firmness, all of those levels run firmer than the Layla mattress. The Layla mattress is very soft, and will absolutely not satisfy people looking for a firm mattress.

    Nonetheless, the firmest level of the Purple mattress may not necessarily be enough for people who crave a painfully hard mattress. Thus, the biggest difference to care about is probably between the Layla mattress and the medium-firmness Purple mattress.

    The medium-firmness Purple mattress is probably the choice that most people will enjoy more, provided that they dislike too-firm and also too-soft mattresses.


    The Purple mattresses will be more comfortable for people who prefer to sleep cooler. Likewise, the Purple mattresses will be more comfortable for back sleepers than for side sleepers. The Purple mattress isn’t necessarily uncomfortable for side sleepers, but they won’t be getting as many of the advantages of the high-quality crate pad.

    Layla offers a great side-sleeping experience, but it can get warmer than the Purple mattress. The Layla mattress is also more noticeable than the Purple mattress, which can be an upside or a downside depending on your preferences.

    Smell Effect

    The Layla mattress has a cornucopia of anti-smell features which means that it will be non-smelly in the face of more abuse than the Purple mattress.

    The Purple mattress isn’t smelly per se, but it does have a unique scent when it is unwrapped. This scent will dissipate over a few weeks, but it may take some time getting used to thanks to the sophisticated materials that the Purple mattresses use.

    Leesa Mattress

  • Balanced foam feel
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Motion Isolation

    The Purple mattress is better than the Layla mattress at keeping energy from movement close to where it originates. If you’ve ever been woken up by a spouse dropping their cell phone on the bed, you will never experience it again when you use the Purple mattress.  

    Likewise, if you’ve been woken up by a spouse rolling into bed late at night after you have fallen asleep, you know that it can be very irritating. The Purple mattress solves this problem permanently.

    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Layla mattress. The sinking-in which is a main feature of the Layla mattress makes it very prone to transmitting the force of motion from one side of the bed to another. Furthermore, you’ll probably feel the weight of anything else on the bed as a result of the way that the mattress forms contours.

    The Ordering Process

    It’s a bit easier to order a Layla mattress than it is to order a Purple mattress for a few reasons. First, Layla mattresses don’t make you do a double-take when you look at the price. Second, your options are constrained to size.

    With the Purple mattress, you’ll have to first take a deep breath and look at your bank account balance before checkout. You’ll also have to pick the firmness and any optional extras in addition to the mattress size. Expect another few steps in the process.

    As a bonus, you’ll get a free blanket with your Purple mattress order — but it probably isn’t enough to offset the higher price.

    purple mattress
    Layla Mattresses

    Delivery and Packaging

    Purple ships their mattresses in 1-3 days after ordering, so you could have your mattress ready to go by the end of the week. In contrast, Layla might take up to 6 days to arrive. In summary, both companies have very competitive shipping policies, and both offer free shipping.


    So which is it going to be?

    Soft or firm? Cool or warm? Coils or foam? This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choosing a mattress. So we are making it easier with a sum up of the comparison of Purple vs Layla mattresses, so you can answer all your mattress questions with ease.

    The Purple mattress brand has two options – the Original Purple, a more basic foam-only model with one firmness level, and the New Purple, combining a firmer foam and coils combination with 3 options for firmness. Purple mattresses are constructed with Smart Comfort Grid open cell inner, and a gel top that keeps you cool and comfortable while supported.

    On the other hand, the Layla offers one mattress choice and it is a different experience altogether from the Purple – overall, the Layla is a softer, warmer, cocoon-like experience. It’s created of multiple foam layers, with an eggshell-shaped foam inner that helps retain warmth while providing a soft, bouncy support. Thinking to go soft? Consider the Layla. If firm is your choice, then Purple might be right for you.

    Casper Mattress

  • Great Zoned Support
  • 100-night sleep trial
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