Saatva vs DreamCloud Mattress


When looking at Saatva vs DreamCloud mattresses, there’s a whole lot of comfort and quality to consider.

Saatva Vs. Dream Cloud Mattress Comparison

Both brands do an excellent job of providing advanced mattress materials and construction to deliver a plush sleep experience while also providing proper support.

Saatva and DreamCloud are both hybrid mattresses that are highly affordable, without cutting corners on aspects from materials to side support, warranty, and white glove delivery. While Saatva likes to emphasize luxury, DreamCloud focuses on being a mattress that suits a wide range of needs.

Let’s break it down in a comparison of Saatva vs DreamCloud and see where each brand falls in terms of all the key mattress considerations.

Read on for more about both brands and their respective collections, or skip to the summary section, if you’re in a hurry.

Who Is It For?

Saatva is a mattress brand that is associated with luxury, yet at the same time, the brand positions itself in the affordable and accessible category. It is constructed with plush, high-quality materials and methods, including innerspring coils, soft pillow top, and excellent lumbar support, making it a good choice for people who want all the trappings of a higher-end mattress yet at a reasonable cost. The innovative approach to spinal support also makes Saatva a good choice for people who suffer from back pain.

DreamCloud mattresses are comparable in price to Saatva yet the company takes a different approach. DreamCloud mattresses are all about compromise, with medium-level firmness while providing excellent support, minimal “sink”, and good motion isolation. This makes it a great choice for people who share a bed, combination sleepers, and those with larger body types.

DreamCloud constructs its mattresses in multiple adaptive foam layers, around a core layer of pocketed springs, which create the mattress’s uniquely firm yet responsive feel. The springs also help create airflow in the mattress, contributing to a cooler night’s sleep. 

saatva mattress

The Collections

Saatva offers one mattress in its collection, available in three firmness levels: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. You can also choose from two mattress heights: 14.5 inches or 11.5 inches. Pricing remains the same for all firmness levels. The size of the mattress is the only differentiating factor in terms of price. Let’s take a look at the prices:
Twin XL$749
Cal King$1,499
DreamCloud also has one mattress in its collection, called the Luxury Hybrid Mattress. Pricing is affordable for the hybrid mattress category, across a range of standard mattress sizes. Here’s the DreamCloud pricing structure: Twin $699Twin XL $899Full $1099Queen $1199King $1399King Cal $1399

Construction of the Mattress

Saatva mattresses are made of 5 layers that individually contribute to the high-quality, luxury feel. The base layer is constructed of 884 steel support coils that provide a solid foundation that is highly durable over time, helping to lengthen the life of the mattress. This is followed by two spinal support enhancements in the lumbar zone that contribute to a healthy comfortable night’s sleep.

The next layer is comprised of 416 individually wrapped comfort coils that contour to the body while also helping to absorb movement and reduce motion transfer. A great feature of Saatva mattresses is the foam encasement edge support design to prevent side sagging and help maintain the mattress shape. Finally, the luxury sensation comes from the euro pillow top layer with an organic cotton cover, providing a soft, plush effect. Saatva mattresses are produced in the United States, and all materials are certified by CertiPUR US, meaning there are no toxic or harmful chemicals.

The DreamCloud mattress also takes a multi-layer approach to construction, with 6 layers and 15-inch height, making it a deeper mattress than Saatva’s offering. The bottom two layers are designed to provide foundational support and stability and to keep the spring coil layer in place. The layer of pocketed springs provides responsive support and motion isolation, while also enabling the flow of air through the mattress for higher breathability and a fresher feel. The springs layer is topped with two layers of support foam and gel memory foam that help stabilize the sleep layers and align the body in a healthy way. The top layer is a euro quilted top that provides a plush and comfortable feel.

DreamCloud’s Mattress Construction
DreamCloud’s Mattress Construction
Saatva Mattresses
Saatva structure

Trial Period & Guarantee

With Saatva, you get a 120-night sleep trial during which you can make up your mind whether it is the right mattress for you. If you decide to return the mattress, the company will pick it up for a cost of $99, and you will receive a refund for the rest of the cost of the mattress. You can also choose to swap for a different firmness level during the trial – take note that the $99 fee still applies.

Saatva provides a 15-year warranty on its mattress. In the first two years, the company will replace any mattress that is found to have manufacturing defects. After two years until 15 years, the warranty also covers some repair and replacement options.

The sleep trial period for DreamCloud is a full 365-nights, with a full refund available after 30 days should you choose not to keep the mattress. Also, there is a Lifetime Warranty that covers the replacement of the mattress in case of any manufacturing or materials defects in the first 10 years. After 10 years, depending on the problem, the company will repair, recover or replace the mattress, so with DreamCloud, your purchase is definitely safe.

Firmness Level

A bonus factor of Saatva mattresses is that there are three firmness levels available, so you can definitely find a level that suits your preference. The Plush Soft level is rated as 3 on the firmness scale; the Luxury Firm mattress is rated as 5-7; the Firm mattress is a number 8. According to the company, the majority of Saatva customers prefer the Luxury Firm mattress, and it is designed to replicate the type of mattresses you would find in a luxury hotel.

The DreamCloud mattress is available at one firmness level, which is claimed by the company as 6.5. This places it in the slightly higher end of the medium-firm category. We like the DreamCloud approach as it is definitely a mid-range firmness, making it ideal for many people. It is suitable for most sleep positions, as the firmness combined with responsiveness will provide proper support while also contouring to the pressure points of the body. Although the mattress is medium-firm, it offers solid support that is offset by the plush comfort top, so you are getting great support without the harshness of a firmer mattress.


Comfort is a big selling point with Saatva. The company promotes itself as a luxury mattress provider to rival the feel of mattresses in hotels. With added lumbar support and reinforcement, the edge encasement to prevent side sagging, and the organic pillow top cover, Saatva definitely puts the concept of comfort first in all the mattress elements.

DreamCloud takes comfort to the mid-range level, with medium firmness and a focus on stability and support. Those who want a snuggly, sinking feeling won’t find it with DreamCloud. DreamCloud is perfect for people who consider a supportive mattress as the height of comfort. The pillowtop cover definitely adds that element of plushness, so you won’t miss out on comfort even if you prefer to go for the more pronounced firmness/comfort combination.

Smell Effect

Saatva mattresses are made of eco-friendly, green materials, so you won’t experience any off-gassing with your new mattress. Even so, you will probably have the inevitable new mattress smell, but it will quickly disappear after the mattress airs out somewhat.

DreamCloud has a similar smell effect, with a slight smell of foam and other mattress materials. After you open the vacuum package and the mattress is exposed to air, you will find that the smell dissipates, leaving a pleasant new mattress sensation.

Motion Isolation

Saatva offers mattresses with three firmness levels, which each have a different motion isolation profile. The firmer Saatva mattresses have higher motion isolation, as there is less transfer of movement within the firm mattress layers. The softer mattresses will have reduced motion isolation effect as there is less absorption of movement in the coils layer by the softer foam types. 

The DreamCloud mattress has a good motion isolation profile, because of the various stabilizing layers that surround the core layer of spring coils. Both Saatva and DreamCloud have good side support, which helps maintain the mattress edge and contain the transfer of motion within the mattress.

The Ordering Process

Both Saatva and DreamCloud offer simple, straightforward online ordering. Just go to the website, select the size and firmness (for Saatva mattresses) and click to purchase. With Saatva, you will receive a confirmation email, and the company will set up a delivery time that suits you. 

DreamCloud offers convenient financing, and once your order is processed, your mattress will arrive in a fast 2-3 business days. If you choose the extra White Glove mattress removal and setup service for an extra fee, you need to allow for an extra day or two added to the delivery time.

dreamcloud-mattress side look
saatva mattress

Delivery & Packaging

Saatva continues its “luxury” brand experience right to the front door. Delivery is free, and you get a complimentary White Glove service, meaning they will set up the mattress and take away the old one for free, which is a very desirable extra in the mattress purchase experience. The Saatva team will contact you the day before delivery to set up a delivery window time that suits you.

DreamCloud also offers free ground shipping throughout the contiguous US, and this includes returns and exchanges, Should you wish to use the White Glove service, there is a fee of $149.

DreamCloud mattresses arrive on your doorstep vacuum packed in a box, weighing from 74 to 135 pounds, depending on the mattress size you ordered. Once you open the packaging, unroll the mattress and let it expand and breathe for 24 hours until it takes on its proper shape.


If you are looking for a luxury mattress experience yet at an affordable cost, Saatva is a good option, with three firmness levels to choose from and some great extras, such as free White Glove delivery. DreamCloud is a good choice for those who need a medium-firm high-quality mattress that covers all the essential bases of the mattress experience.

In the Saatva vs DreamCloud question, both companies get top marks in the quality, construction and comfort aspects while remaining similar in terms of pricing. Between Saatva and DreamCloud, there is a mattress for just about everyone.

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