Saatva Vs. Leesa: Head-to-head Comparison


Here, we’ll compare Saatva and Leesa, highlighting each brand’s mattress features and offerings.

Saatva vs Leesa

The headache of shopping for a mattress is the primary reason many people continue to sleep on their uncomfortably sagging beds for years longer than necessary. Fortunately, we’ve found a way to make things easier for consumers. Our team has examined every online mattress retailer and has plenty of facts and comparisons to share with you so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Read on for more about both brands and their respective collections, or skip to the summary section, if you’re in a hurry.

Saatva and Leesa are both high-quality mattress brands with some similarities and differences too. While Saatva likes to be known for its luxury concept, Leesa offers a softer, bouncier mattress sensation that many people love. Saatva’s hybrid mattress comes in three firmness levels, while Leesa offers a hybrid and memory foam only version.

Saatva vs Leesa is an interesting comparison as the concept of individual comfort is a central factor. Let’s take a look at how the features and details of the Saatva and Leesa mattresses and purchase experience pan out in this comparison review.

Who Is It For?

Saatva has one hybrid mattress in its collection, available in three firmness levels, and the company is big on the concept of “luxury”. The Saatva mattress certainly lives up to its promise. It is made of plush high-quality materials with advanced coil and foam construction. It provides great spinal support while remaining soft and luxurious. In fact, the company claims that its Luxury Firm mattress is comparable to those used in luxury hotels. In addition to all this, Saatva manages to maintain affordable pricing that gives you bang for your buck. Those who love a luxury feel, but can’t afford the cost of high-end mattresses will not have to compromise a thing with Saatva.

Leesa, on the other hand, offers two mattress types – a memory foam only and a hybrid version. Leesa mattresses have a more bouncy and responsive feel, which is great for people who need support with a firm sensation. Plus, its hybrid mattress is a great option for people who want to transition from traditional spring mattresses to memory foam. It uses both components in the construction, so you get the best of both worlds.

Leesa Mattresses
saatva mattress

The Collections

Saatva has one mattress in its collection that comes in a choice of three levels of firmness: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm, and there are two mattress heights to choose from, 14.5 inches or 11.5 inches. Pricing is simple, as it is the same for all firmness levels. Price only changes according to mattress size. Here is the pricing for Saatva mattresses in all sizes:

Twin XL$749
Cal King$1,499

Leesa offers two mattresses in its collection, the 3-layer, memory-foam Leesa and the hybrid foam-and-coils Sapira. Both mattress types fall into distinct price point categories, with the Sapira a more costly version.

Here is the current pricing for the Leesa style mattress:

Twin XL$695
Cal King$1,195

The Sapira mattress incorporates premium foam and pocket-spring coil support layers. Here is the pricing:

Twin XL$1,095
Cal King$1,795

Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
  • Construction of the Mattress

    Saatva uses a 5-layer structure for its mattress. The bottom layer has 884 steel coils for solid support and a durable foundation base, Then, there are two lumbar zone reinforcements that help to keep the spine properly supported and aligned. The coil layer is next, with 416 individually wrapped coils that help the mattress conform to and contour the body. It also absorbs the impact of movement and contributes to the motion isolation effect.

    Side sagging is prevented in Saatva’s inclusion of edge support via a solid foam encasement. This helps maintain the mattress’s integrity and shape over time. The luxury element is most obvious in the euro pillow top which provides plush comfort, covered in organic cotton for a soft, smooth and fresh feel.

    The Leesa, which is a foam-only mattress, is constructed of three memory foam layers. The base layer consists of dense core foam in a 6-inch high layer to provide foundational support to the mattress. The next layer is 2 inches of foam that provide relief for pressure points and contribute to body contouring no matter what your preferred sleep position. The cooling top layer helps create a fresh night’s sleep while adding a bouncy effect.

    The Sapira hybrid mattress by Leesa incorporates memory foam and pocket springs, which conform to body shape and weight and the preferred sleep position. The middle layer is made of 1.5 inches of memory foam to promote pressure relief and contouring of the body, while the top layer is made of cooling Avena foam. The Sapira has a similar bouncy and snuggly sensation as the Leesa, making it ideal for people who have always enjoyed the feel of a traditional innerspring mattress.

    Leesa Mattress
    Leesa Structure
    Saatva Mattresses
    Saatva Structure

    Trial Period & Guarantee

    Saatva offers a 120-night sleep trial. If you wish to return it during that time, the company will come to pick up the mattress and take it away for $99. Besides this fee, you will be refunded for the full purchase. If you decide to swap the mattress for a different Saatva firmness level, you can do so however the $99 will still be charged.

    Saatva’s warranty covers a 15-year period, during which they will replace a mattress during the first two years if manufacturing or materials defects are found, After two years until the 15th year, you are also covered for instances where repair and replacement are required.

    Leesa offers a 100-night sleep trial, with a recommendation to allow for at least 30 days to really give it a proper try. There are a money-back guarantee and free mattress pickup, except for customers in Alaska and Hawaii who will be charged a $100 fee for returns. Leesa also provides a 10-year limited warranty.

    Firmness Level

    Saatva mattresses come in three different firmness levels, with no change in price. The softest version, Plush Soft, is considered a 3 rating on the 1-10 firmness scale, which is a very soft option. The Luxury Firm is the most popular version, with a medium firmness level of 5-7. The company says that the Luxury Firm mattress is similar to the kind of mattress you would find in luxury hotels. The Firm mattress is an 8 on the firmness scale, providing a good option for back sleepers and those who enjoy a firm sleep.

    Leesa mattresses, both the foam only Leesa and the hybrid Sapira, are both a medium-soft firmness level. The thick layers of memory foam, as well as the spring coils in the Sapira, contribute to a slightly bouncy and more cuddly feel. Leesa mattresses are most similar in firmness somewhere in between Saatva’s Plush Soft and Luxury Firm mattresses.


    Saatva prides itself on the comfort concept in its mattress, incorporating features such as lumbar support reinforcement, plush euro pillow top with organic cotton cover, and edge support to prevent sagging. With three firmness levels available, customers can be assured they will find the right comfort level for their needs.

    Leesa mattresses have a more bouncy, cuddly feel, which appeals to many people in their mattress comfort experience. In addition, the top layer is made of a proprietary foam, LSA200, designed to promote cooling and contour the body while providing a softer comfort feel.

    Smell Effect

    Made in the USA, Saatva mattresses are constructed with eco-friendly materials that are certified by CertiPUR. Therefore, there are no harmful or toxic chemicals to create an unpleasant smell effect. As with all mattresses, the Saatva has a ‘new’ smell that will wear off after the mattress has aired a while.

    Leesa mattresses have a slight smell effect, which will dissipate after the mattresses have had a chance to breathe and settle. Speed up the process by opening windows in the bedroom and allowing fresh air to circulate around the mattress.

    Motion Isolation

    Due to the fact that Saatva has three firmness levels in its mattress selection, there are different motion isolation effects for each. Naturally, the firmer mattresses reduce motion transfer more effectively than the softer versions, as there is less absorption of movement in softer foams. If motion isolation is an important consideration for you, take a look at the Luxury Firm and Firm mattress options from Saatva.

    Leesa mattresses do not have high motion isolation profiles, due to the bouncier, softer character of their construction. However, for those who want the snuggly soft effect of the exclusive Leesa top foam layer, then it may be worth considering foregoing the motion isolation for the extra comfort it provides.

    The Ordering Process

    Saatva and Leesa mattresses are available in their online stores, while Leesa also offers in-store purchases at West Elm and Pottery Barn. This is convenient for people who like to try-before-they-buy. If buying online, then both companies offer an easy streamlined experience. Just choose the mattress type and size and click to confirm your order.

    Saatva and Leesa both offer free shipping.

    Delivery & Packaging

    Both companies offer a White Glove delivery service, which includes the removal of your old mattress and set up of your new purchase. Saatva offers this as a complimentary service, which is a nice bonus, while Leesa charges $50 for the removal of an old mattress.

    When your Saatva mattress order is confirmed, the company will contact you the day before delivery to schedule a delivery window time.

    Your Leesa mattress will arrive between 3 and 7 days after ordering, packaged in a cardboard box with inner and outer layers of plastic that are similar to shrink wrap. Unpack the mattress and let it expand and breathe until it returns to its natural shape.

    Conclusion – So Which Is Best For Me?

    In the comparison between Saatva vs Leesa, the Saatva can be classified as a luxury mattress featuring hybrid construction in three firmness levels. It certainly ticks many of the boxes in mattress desirability. With Saatva, just about anyone can find a mattress that meets their firmness and comfort preference at an affordable price. If you love luxury, you’ll certainly get it with Saatva.

    Leesa has a foam only and hybrid mattress option, at different price points, both of which are considered a medium soft. Leesa is a great mattress for people who love the bouncier softness that you don’t often find in modern memory foam construction. If you are transitioning from an old spring mattress, then Leesa is a comfortable choice.

    Lee Levy

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