Awara mattress review


Awara is a high-quality mattress with a very solid focus on sustainability and comfort.

Awara mattress review

Some mattress brands offer a wide range of mattresses, with several different construction methods, features, and price points to choose from. Other brands have just one mattress in their collection, yet it is highly specialized and engineered for a specific market niche and customer need. Awara falls into this second category.

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Who Is it For?

Awara is a high-quality mattress with a very solid focus on sustainability and comfort. The Awara is made of all-natural organic materials, with no synthetics, hazardous or harmful components. For this reason, the mattress excels in durability, and this is reflected in the incredibly generous trial period and warranty conditions. Awara is clearly a brand that believes in its product.

The organic focus also plays a big part in the comfort factor too. The use of natural materials makes it an especially cooling and breathable mattress, while the latex layer, sourced from natural rubber, offers an especially supportive and contouring feel. While not a budget mattress, the Awara is a great choice for people who are eco-aware and want to enjoy a high-quality, supportive mattress for a range of sleeping positions while also protecting the environment.

Awara Mattresses Review

The Awara Collection

The Awara has one mattress in its collection, touted as an organic mattress that gives a great night’s sleep while saving the planet. The Awara is a hybrid blend, combining innerspring coils and latex foam. At 13 inches high, it is a generously thick mattress with high-quality comfort features. This is reflected in the price, which puts the Awara out of the budget category but still good value for money, considering the level of features and construction that Awara is known for. 

The Awara mattress comes in all standard sizes: 

Twin $1199

Twin XL $1299

Full $1399

Queen $1499

King $1699

King Cal $1699

Awara’s Mattress Construction

The Awara is a hybrid mattress, combining a two-layer construction. The bottom layer is 9 inches thick and consists of premium innerspring coils that provide excellent contouring support. The innerspring section is housed in a cotton/poly base that adds a luxury look to the bedroom decor and is thoughtfully equipped with 4 reinforced handles for easy moving and placement of the mattress. The coil layer is topped by 4 inches of natural Dunlop latex foam made from real rubber trees and, at 2 inches thicker than regular hybrid mattresses, offers generous comfort and plushness. 

The latex layer is topped with a quilted Euro top cover, constructed of New Zealand wool and organic cotton. The use of soft natural fabrics gives excellent breathability and adds a cool, extra-luxurious sensation to the Awara sleep experience.

Awara Trial Period and Guarantee

Awara offers an almost-unheard-of 365-night sleep trial, giving customers a full year to decide if the mattress is right for them. In addition, the Forever Warranty covers the mattress for the entire life of the product. If there are any defects, sagging, or structural breakdowns caused by the manufacturing process, Awara will repair or replace the mattress at any time. This is an extremely generous policy and a huge bonus for people considering an Awara purchase.

Awara Firmness Level

Awara claims its mattresses are medium-firm, falling at a solid 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale. Otherwise known as “luxury firm”, the medium-level firmness is a popular one for many people, as it falls between the common mattress extremes of Soft versus Firm. This middle-ground makes it suitable for just about any sleeping position, such as back, stomach and side, or a combination of these, as the mattress offers the right balance of bounce and support to comfortably accommodate a range of body positions. 

firm 7 scale

Awara Comfort

Awara excels in two key aspects of mattress comfort – support and breathability. The use of high-quality natural New Zealand wool in the Euro top layer helps promote airflow and cools the mattress overnight, while effectively absorbing moisture and preventing dust mites. The use of natural latex is also a bonus as it does not retain heat like memory foam can, plus it is excellent at relieving pressure points while effectively supporting the body. The medium-firmness provides the right contouring to hold the body properly during sleep, while at the same time, the plush Euro top offsets the firm sensation and adds a comfortable softness.

Awara Smell Effect

Awara prides itself on being an organic, natural, and sustainable product that protects the planet. The use of naturally sourced materials, such as latex, means that there are no potential health hazards or harmful chemicals emanating from the mattress. Any smell that comes with the newly-opened mattress is naturally occurring and will fade very quickly. This is in contrast to synthetically produced mattresses that tend to have a stronger odor that lingers for longer.

Awara Motion Isolation

Hybrid mattresses are preferred by customers who are looking for good motion isolation, and the Awara is no exception. The combination of natural latex and individually wrapped coils effectively absorb impact from movement and create an excellent motion isolation profile that will be appreciated by customers who share a bed, or light sleepers who want to minimize disturbance during the night.

The Ordering Process

Ordering via the Awara website is fast, easy, and intuitive. There are loads of customer reviews to help give you an idea of other people’s experiences, plus there is the option to chat directly with a “Sleep Concierge” during business hours, directly from the website. This is very helpful for undecided customers, as any questions or concerns can be addressed on the spot. Awara also offers a selection of matching bed frames, available for purchase on the website, which is handy for people who are looking to replace their entire bed, not just the mattress.

Awara Delivery and Packaging

All Awara orders in the contiguous US are shipped for free. Orders to AK, HI, Guam, etc, include a shipping fee that is non-refundable if you decide not to keep the mattress.

Delivery time is usually between 2-5 business days with FedEx Ground service.

The mattress will arrive on your doorstep rolled and compressed in a package that is safe in all weathers. There is a White Glove service available, where the delivery staff will unpack the mattress and place it on the bed for you, as well as removing your old mattress. This service comes at an additional fee of $149. If you opt for the White Glove service, note that delivery time will take 2-3 days longer.

The Awara brand places a strong focus on eco-friendliness, which is an important value to many mattress buyers today. However, this does not detract from the brand’s capability to deliver a superb sleep experience, excellent support features, and premium quality and comfort.

Awara is also synonymous with luxury, and while not one of the cheaper brands, it is definitely an affordable and desirable option for people who want true comfort, luxury, and quality, without burdening the planet with their mattress footprint.

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