Casper Mattress Review


The Casper collection aims to address all sleep needs in a range of sizes and firmness levels

Casper Review

Casper is a company that’s so confident in their mattresses, they have a zero-commitment guarantee. And while no mattress is perfect for everyone, the Casper collection aims to address all sleep needs in a range of sizes and firmness levels.

They balance softness and support throughout the collection, earning plenty of rave reviews for comfort. Plus, the California-based company offers convenient delivering and return processes. Read on for more details about Casper, its mattress collection, and its money-back guarantee.

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Who Is it For?

Casper maintains that its mattresses are neither too firm nor too soft. So, if you have a preference somewhere in the middle, the brand might be perfect for you. All their mattresses are designed by purported “sleep experts,” meaning you can expect both comfort and ergonomics. However, there are also three mattress types within the Casper collection, each with unique comfort features.

The Casper Wave, for example, aims to relieve common pressure points to help alleviate hip and shoulder pain. Also, if you’re picky about your mattress—and most consumers are—you may want to try before you buy. To that end, Casper’s 100-night guarantee allows you to give the mattress a good test run before deciding on its suitability over the long term.

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The Casper Mattress Collection

Casper’s collection includes three mattresses with varying heights, layers, features, and pricing. All pricing is mattress only, although Casper does sell mattress + base and mattress + foundation packages for an additional fee.The Wave is an 11.5-inch mattress with five layers and is available in six sizes.
Twin XL$1,195
CAL King$2,395
The Casper is a 10-inch mattress with four layers and is available in six sizes.
Twin XL$645
CAL King$1,195
The Essential is an 8.5-inch mattress with three layers and is available in six sizes.
Twin XL$400
CAL King$725

Casper’s Mattress Construction

Like other memory foam mattresses, Casper uses poured foam to create their beds. The top foam layer is meant to imitate springs without the weight and potentially painful pressure points.

All Casper mattresses use hybrid foam construction, and their open-cell foam helps you sleep cooler. But each of the models varies regarding construction, as the heights range from 8.5 inches to 11.5 inches. We like that there’s variation, rather than just one option for thickness and features.

The trimmest mattress, the Essential, utilizes three layers and focuses on breathability, bounce, and support. The 10-inch Casper has Zoned Support in four layers and includes both a high-density layer foam layer and a transitional layer for the ultimate in comfort.

The tallest mattress, The Wave, is 11.5 inches high and features five foam layers. There’s Hyper-Targeted Support that spans 36 points for ergonomics, a hypersensitive top layer, and contouring for pressure relief. The Wave also has unique ergonomic support to help align your spine, ideal if you experience back problems.

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Casper Mattress

Trial Period and Guarantee

With a 100-night guarantee, Casper gives you time to decide whether your new mattress will be your forever mattress. There’s also a 10-year warranty on the foam, which the company guarantees will stay supportive without sagging.

Shipping is free, and so are returns should you decide you don’t want your mattress. With gently used returns, Casper tries to donate to charity as much as possible, something our team found impressive. Also, even if you order pillows, sheets, and other accessories from Casper, the 100-day trial still applies. So if you struggle to find comfortable bedding and pillows, Casper has you covered.

Firmness Level

Casper has three mattresses with similar firmness levels. All mattresses offer soft sleep surfaces while the memory foam layers give support. Therefore, these mattresses provide low-level firmness. The cushy surfaces may not be comfortable for those who seek a harder surface, but if you like a softer mattress, you will like the memory foam for its ability to contour to your body.

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These memory foam mattresses offer significant support in comparison with spring mattresses, which create pressure points and can wear down. Casper’s multi-layer memory foam construction allows your body weight to be distributed over the entire sleep surface, and the components mold to your body.

One of our minor complaints with memory foam mattresses is that they become too warm after sleeping part of the night. However, Casper uses open-cell foam to help keep you cool and comfortable, boasting one of the coolest mattresses on the market.

Smell Effect

Because these mattresses rely on non-toxic ingredients and components, you know that your mattress is safe to sleep on. However, like any packaged mattress, your Casper bed might arrive with a bit of odor. Ingredients like their water-based adhesive have a bit of a smell, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming.

Most companies recommend airing out your mattress once it arrives, something Casper suggests as well if you’re sensitive to odors. However, we were impressed by the lack of odor with the Casper line.

Casper Mattress

  • Great Zoned Support
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Motion Isolation

    Memory foam is ideal for absorbing impact and reducing jostling when your partner, pet, or child moves in the middle of the night. That’s why Casper has great motion isolation; every mattress uses supportive memory foam.

    The Ordering Process

    Ordering is simple via Casper’s website. Simply click the type of mattress you want, select a size, and add the mattress to your online cart. Once you check out, you can expect your order to be processed within one to two days.

    There are no shipping charges for any order, and returns are free as well.

    Delivery and Packaging

    When you order with Casper, your mattress will ship straight to your door for free. Orders typically ship within one to two days, and shipping takes up to five additional days. For some remote areas, shipping can take longer.

    If you order multiple items, you may receive multiple shipments on separate days due to production streamlining. Many areas also offer in-home delivery and setup, along with the removal of your old mattress, under the White Glove program, a nice perk if you’d rather not deal with it yourself.

    All mattresses arrive in sealed boxes with wheels, so you can easily maneuver your bed into the space you want. Boxes weigh between 64 and 112 pounds depending on the size of the mattress, but the mattresses themselves are lighter.

    Casper is an amazing mattress with  affordable pricing and multiple options You can never go wrong when choosing Casper and in any case, you get full premium customer support to help you be satisfied at all cost

    Lee Levy

    Lee Levy

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