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The Cocoon mattress is the brainchild of the Sealy company, which has been making mattresses since the late 19th century!

cocoon mattress by sealy review

Cocoon is Sealy’s “bed in a box” mattress, designed to be shippable in a box, direct to the consumer. In this Cocoon by Sealy review, we’ll take a look at how one of the world’s most famous, veteran mattress manufacturers measures up in the “bed in a box” stakes, and how traditional mattress comfort and quality can be adapted into a shippable, online mattress purchase.

We’ll assess all the various aspects of the Cocoon by Sealy mattress, including the construction, firmness, and features of the mattress itself, plus the online ordering and delivery experience. Let’s dive into the Cocoon by Sealy review and hear the verdict.

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Who is Cocoon for?

The Cocoon by Sealy mattress is a middle-of-the-range memory foam mattress with the kind of features that suit a large chunk of the mattress buying market. Available in all sizes from Twin through Cal King, the Cocoon comes in two firmness levels – Medium Soft and Extra Firm – which cover most of the firmness scale and provide a good solution for side, back and combination sleepers.

What’s more, Cocoon has what the company brands the “Chill” factor, which is extra cooling features to give a refreshing night’s sleep. With a very affordable price range, depending on the mattress size, Cocoon is an excellent choice for all, from college students to couples, due to the mid-range price point and advanced features such as motion isolation. As you’ll see in the more detailed Cocoon by Sealy review below, the company has done an impressive job of covering all the bases of great mattress making, ensuring that the Cocoon is a relevant choice for most mattress buyers.

The Cocoon by Sealy Collection

Branded by the company as the “coolest sleep ever”, the Cocoon by Sealy collection includes two mattresses: the Cocoon Chill, featuring various cooling features, and the Cocoon Classic, constructed in the same way as the Chill yet without the cooling features.Pricing is reasonable and affordable, though naturally, the Cocoon Chill is slightly more expensive than the Classic. Check out the pricing for both Cocoon versions:
Cocoon CHILLPrice
Twin XL$650
CAL King$1150
Cocoon- Classic Price
Twin XL$449
CAL King$999

Cocoon Mattress Construction

The Cocoon by Sealy is a memory-foam-only mattress, constructed of three layers. The bottom layer is made of Essential Support Foam, a heavier and more robust foam that gives proper foundational support. The Extra Firm mattress is constructed with Reinforced Essential Support Foam, while the softer Medium Soft version’s base layer is made of Flexible Essential Support Foam.

The next layer is the comfort layer, made of Perfect Fit Memory Foam, which is a higher density foam design to contour and cradle the body, according to size, shape, weight and sleep position. The top layer is the cushiony Premium Fabric Cover, made of durable stretch knit, contributing to the cooling breathability effect of the mattress.

The stretch knit cover is made of Sealy’s proprietary “Phase Change Material”, which is designed to absorb and diffuse heat from the top layer of the mattress, making it cool to the touch and ensuring a fresh sleep all night long. The Cocoon Classic is constructed in the same way as the Cocoon Chill, however without the cooling materials.

Another advantage of the Cocoon mattress is that it is suitable for use with any base, including Cocoon Foundations, the company’s own mattress bases, or any box spring, platform base, slatted base or adjustable base. For slatted bases, the slats must be 2 inches wide and less than 5 inches apart to properly accommodate the Cocoon mattress.

Trial Period & Guarantee

Cocoon by Sealy offers a standard 100-night trial and 10-year full replacement limited warranty. The warranty covers indentations that are 1 inch or deeper for 10 years. Clearly, the company stands by their mattress in terms of durability and longevity.

Cocoon Firmness level

The Cocoon by Sealy is available in two firmness levels: Medium Soft and Extra Firm. The Medium Soft version is considered between 3 and 8 on the firmness scale, while the Extra Firm falls into the solidly firm 9-10 area of the scale. This means that with Cocoon by Sealy, most people will be able to match their firmness level preference with one of the two mattress versions.

The Medium Soft is the ideal firmness for people who prefer a slight ‘sink’ in their mattress and will suit side sleepers or those who change positions during the night. This is due to the softer foam construction that responds somewhat to pressure points or movement.

The Extra Firm is for people who prefer solid, denser support and the flatter, firmer sensation that comes with it. It is the best choice for people who sleep on their backs, as the mattress will keep the spine properly aligned without sinking or curving.

firmness level 5

Is the Cocoon mattress Comfortable?

In this Cocoon by Sealy review, you’ll see that the combination of features adds up to a top-of-the-line comfort sensation, particularly for the mid-range foam-only mattress market. The Cocoon is available in two firmness levels that cover most of the standard firmness scale, so every buyer will be able to find their ideal firmness vs softness compromise. In addition, the Cocoon Chill mattress comes with advanced cooling features, including the special “Phase Change Material”, designed to dissipate heat for a fresh, cool sleep. The Cocoon walks the fine line of mattress features, ensuring that it provides some extra advanced factors while still appealing to a broad customer base.

Smell Effect

The Cocoon by Sealy will have a slight smell when you first open the box. The company likens this to the smell of a new car. Once the mattress has had a chance to air out for a while, and the foam cells are fully open and breathing, the new smell will disappear. Rest assured that any smell you experience is perfectly normal and safe – in fact, the foams in Cocoon Chill mattresses are certified by the CertiPUR-US® safety program.

cocoon mattress by sealy

Motion Isolation

The memory foam layer on the top of the Cocoon by Sealy mattress is designed to help reduce the impact of movement on the mattress. The Medium Soft version performs a bit better than the Extra Firm mattress, as it does a better job of absorbing the effects of movement in its more responsive and contouring foam construction. However, in terms of motion isolation, overall the Cocoon offers a good experience for co-sleepers.

The Ordering Process of Cocoon mattress

Ordering your Cocoon mattress is quick and easy, handled completely online. Mattress orders are processed within 48 hours (business days only), and customers should factor in around 2 days’ shipping time. The Cocoon website has a handy shipping time calculator. Just enter your zip code and it will show you the date of delivery if you order today. The ordering process offered by Cocoon by Sealy really couldn’t be simpler – we love it!

Delivery & Packaging

Cocoon by Sealy offers free shipping in the US, and mattresses are shipped via UPS Ground from the company’s warehouse in Mississipi. Your mattress will arrive in a box that is easy to lift and carry, measuring 15″ x 15″ x 44″. Just open the box, unpack the mattress, unroll it and let it return to its proper shape. The company website has very clear and helpful video instructions showing exactly how to unpack and unroll the mattress.

If you are not happy with your purchase, the Sealy company will even send you another mattress to try out. And if you really just want to return it, you can do so, free of charge. The company will pick up the mattress and donate it to a local cause, and you are ensured a full refund on the total amount of the mattress purchase.

Bottom Line

Sealy is a mattress company that has been around for a very long time. With the Cocoon by Sealy, “bed in a box” shippable mattress, the century-long experience and expertise of the company shine through, from the mattress construction and features to delivery and customer service.

This Cocoon by Sealy review demonstrates just how a world-famous mattress company can successfully adapt to the new world of online shopping and shipping.

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Lee Levy

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