DreamCloud Mattress Review


We are going to take a deep dive into every aspect of the DreamCloud mattress company and brand

DreamCloud mattress review

Welcome to the DreamCloud mattress review.

DreamCloud is an interesting brand, as it offers just one mattress in its collection, in all the standard sizes, yet it manages to pack in a pretty impressive range of features that make it suitable for all types of sleepers. 


In this DreamCloud review, we’ll cover the mattress construction, firmness, comfort level, and pricing, as well as more advanced considerations, like motion isolation and breathability. DreamCloud is a “bed in a box” brand, which means you purchase the mattress online and have it delivered to your door. That’s why the research stage of your DreamCloud purchase is so important to make sure it’s the right mattress for you. This DreamCloud honest review was created especially to help you with this decision-making process.

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Who is DreamCloud for?

DreamCloud mattresses definitely fall in the medium-firm category. This means that many people who like this “happy medium” will be satisfied with the DreamCloud mattress. In particular, DreamCloud is well suited to larger body sizes and back or combination sleepers, as it provides relatively firm support without that sinking, bouncy feel. This also makes it a good option for those who suffer from back pain. It is all due to the multi-layer approach to construction, where each layer is dedicated to providing a certain kind of support while enhancing the effects of the neighboring layers. And all layers are built around the central core of supportive pocketed springs that promote airflow and breathability. This is an extra bonus for people who prefer to sleep cool.

Many of the advantages of the DreamCloud mattress make it a good choice for people who are sharing a bed. The features of a mattress take on more importance when you have a sleeping partner. For example, if you are sharing a mattress, then motion isolation is more important so as to reduce the disturbance to your partner when you move during the night, Similarly, if you like to sleep cool but you partner is a warm sleeper, then the cooling features of the mattress take on a new importance.

Also, a medium-firm mattress is often the best choice for couples as it is a compromise between a firm or soft mattress that works best to meet each partner’s preference. The DreamCloud has a high profile in all these areas – it offers middle-ground firmness, very good motion isolation and high breathability for a cool sleep experience. At the same time, it is an affordable option for people looking for a high-quality hybrid foam and spring mattress at any of the standard sizes, from twin to king cal

dreamcloud-mattress side look

The DreamCloud Collection

DreamCloud offers one mattress type in its collection – the Luxury Hybrid Mattress. It is constructed of multiple layers of foam support, with a central layer of pocketed innerspring coils. DreamCloud mattresses are available in a range of standard sizes, with surprisingly affordable pricing for a hybrid mattress

Twin $699

Twin XL $899

Full $1099

Queen $1199

King $1399

King Cal $1399

DreamCloud’s Mattress Construction

DreamCloud’s mattress is a substantial 15-inch high and is constructed of 6 layers, each playing a part in the overall level of sleep support and comfort. The bottom layer is constructed to provide stability to the mattress and keep it in place on the base. Next is a base support layer beneath the pocketed springs to provide an extra layer of stability and support.

The pocketed springs layer promotes airflow inside the mattress and creates breathability for a fresh cool sensation. It also helps reduce motion transfer by absorbing impact and providing strong edge support. The springs are covered by a support layer designed to stabilize the top mattress layers and align the body for the best level of comfort. Then, gel memory foam is the contouring and comfort layer that relieves pressure points and provides a supportive yet softer sensation. Finally, the top layer is a plush quilted euro top for a luxurious feel of pillowed comfort.

DreamCloud’s Mattress Construction

DreamCloud Trial Period and Guarantee

DreamCloud offers a very generous 365-night trial with 100% refund after the first 30 days. If you decide to return the mattress during the first year, the mattress will be donated or disposed of responsibly. DreamCloud mattresses come with a Lifetime Warranty. During the first 10 years, the company will replace it with a new mattress if defects are found in the materials or construction. After 10 years, the mattress will be repaired, recovered or replaced, depending on the issue. Body impressions of over 1.5 inches are considered a manufacturing defect and are covered in the Lifetime Warranty.

DreamCloud Firmness Level

DreamCloud claims that its mattress is a 6.5 on a 1-10 scale of firmness, putting in the medium-firm category. Our team confirms this assessment. The mattress definitely has a firmer feel, but this is offset by the plusher top layers of the mattress. It is a good choice for combination and side sleepers, who need the firmness with a bit of responsiveness. On the other hand, the firmness of the mattress is suited to back sleepers too. The multiple foam and spring layers provide correct spinal support to people with back problems, and also a denser support structure for larger sized people who need a solid support mattress.

firmness level 5 scale

DreamCloud Comfort

DreamCloud mattresses offer an ultra-comfortable sleep experience that is midway on the firmness scale yet with a plush luxury feel. This is due to the euro quilted top layer and the multiple comfort layers that give equal emphasis to stability, support, and comfort. Although very comfortable, DreamCloud is definitely not a sinking, snuggly mattress. Those who prefer a very soft and enveloping mattress won’t find their match with DreamCloud. For lighter weight people, the DreamCloud might be too firm, however for average or heavier sized sleepers, the firmness/comfort combo is just right.

DreamCloud Smell Effect

DreamCloud mattresses don’t have a strong off-gassing effect, although there is a slight smell of new foam and materials when you open the vacuum packaging. This smell will quickly disappear once the packaging is open and the mattress has a chance to breathe.

DreamCloud Motion Isolation

DreamCloud mattresses have good motion isolation due to the multiple stabilizing support layers beneath and above the pocketed springs layer. The pocketed springs and enhanced edge support they provide help to contain the impact of movements, while the layers above and below absorb the energy of motion so it will only have minimal impact on the sleeper. 

The Ordering Process

Ordering a DreamCloud mattress is a simple process. Simply visit the DreamCloud website, choose your mattress size, and any extras or accessories, and go through the online checkout. You can pay with all main credit cards, and there is also a financing option available.

There is a wide range of accessories to choose from, including mattress bases, pillow, linens, and protectors.

Once your order has been processed, you can expect to receive your mattress in a very quick and convenient 2-3 business days. If you order the White Glove delivery service, you need to add an extra 1-2 days on top of the 2-3 standard time period to receive your order.

DreamCloud Delivery and Packaging

DreamCloud offers free ground shipping in the contiguous United States. This includes returns and exchanges. If you prefer to have some assistance in setting up your mattress and removing your old mattress, you can order the White Glove service for a fee of $149.

Depending on the size of the mattress that you ordered, your mattress will weigh between 74 to 135 pounds. It arrives straight to your doorstep vacuum packed in a box. When you open the mattress packaging, the mattress will need about 24 hours to expand and settle into its natural and proper shape. It is important to take this into consideration.

Once it has had a chance to open up, breathe and lose the “new mattress smell”, your DreamCloud mattress is ready for you to snooze and dream.

Lee Levy

Lee Levy

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