Layla Mattress Review


Layla only offers one type of mattress, but it might be just what you need.

Layla Mattresses

Layla only offers one type of mattress, but it might be just what you need. Their copper-infused materials and dual-sided construction methods create a comfortable and customizable bed that we think is ideal for those who prefer a cooler sleep surface and options when it comes to firmness.

Who Is it For?

The great thing about Layla mattresses is their beds accommodate everyone from those who want a soft sleep surface to those who like a firmer approach to memory foam. Plus, because the copper-infused memory foam helps reduce heat while you sleep, Layla mattresses are our favorite for warmer sleepers.

Copper also has antimicrobial properties, meaning people with allergies may find they have fewer issues when sleeping on a Layla versus another mattress that’s not hypoallergenic. Of course, the peace of mind is nice too, since the copper layer blocks all kinds of nasties from entering the mattress foam.

Layla mattress
Layla Mattresses

The Layla Mattress Collection

Layla produces one mattress, and that’s their namesake model that uses dual firmness options—one side is soft and the other firm. The company calls this “flippable firmness,” a feature we really like for those who prefer to switch things up when it comes to sleeping comfortably.

The Layla collection also uses copper-infused memory foam, with four layers of foam throughout.

Twin XL$599
CAL King$999

Layla’s Mattress Construction

We’ve already established that the copper inside the Layla mattress is a desirable feature, but what about the other layers? Altogether four foam layers range from soft to firm to create the ideal sleep experience.

The top layer is three inches of that antimicrobial copper-infused memory foam, which helps transfer heat away while you sleep. But another benefit of this thicker layer is that it is dense and offers medium-soft comfort.

The next layer is two inches of convoluted support foam, which helps with airflow but has a lower density. The third layer is 4.5 inches of base support foam, lending core support and making the mattress strong as well as comfortable.

The final layer is a one-inch copper-infused memory foam layer that is firmer than the flip side. The two outer layers are the most important; these are the sleep surfaces, customizable based on which way you flip the mattress.

Layla mattresses are compatible with all types of beds and foundations; solid or adjustable bases, box springs or foundations, Bunkie boards, and slatted bases.

layla mattress

Trial Period and Guarantee

Our team is always impressed by long trial periods that allow customers to try out a mattress long-term. And Layla delivers in that area, too; their 120-night trial enables you to keep the mattress for up to four months.

Of course, they do recommend you give your body at least two weeks to adjust to the new sleep surface. If you don’t love it after that time (or longer), you can receive 100 percent of your money back.

If you return the mattress, the company will send someone out to pick it up. We were really impressed by this feature, because not only does Layla take the mattress back and give you a refund, but they also donate the slightly used mattress to charity.

If you do keep the Layla, it also comes with a lifetime warranty that covers sagging, body impressions of more than one inch, loss of mattress height, and more. The only limit to the warranty is that it doesn’t cover rips, tears, or stains.

Firmness Level

While firmness is such a personal descriptor, since everyone has different preferences and needs, we liked that the Layla has those “flippable” layers. Very few mattresses can range between medium-soft and firm, but Layla does it well.

And though you typically don’t need to flip memory foam mattresses, you can rest assured that if your mattress does begin to sag at any point from use on both sides, the warranty will cover it.

firm 7


Layla is not your typical memory foam mattress, though it does offer the comfort and contouring that most others do. Also, it uses that copper-infused foam that helps heighten your sleeping comfort thanks to heat-reduction technology.

Also, Layla notes that copper is super supportive; they call it Variable Support, and it happens when your body sinks in and the copper cells firm up around your shoulders and hips.

Plus, the materials allow for maximum airflow, so for customers who feel like memory foam is just too hot to sleep on, we think Layla might be the solution. Of course, there’s also deep compression support in both of the outer layers, whichever side you decide to sleep on. This ensures plenty of support for aching joints or back discomfort while you sleep.

Smell Effect

While other memory foam mattresses need some time to air out post-unboxing, Layla claims their mattress only has a “new mattress” smell. Of course, all brand-new products have a bit of an odor, but Layla’s is mild in terms of “chemical” smells.

Motion Isolation

After checking out YouTube videos of the Layla mattress’s motion transfer tests, we can assure you that it receives high marks! It’s rated as one of the best mattresses for motion isolation, so you can toss and turn (although we doubt you’ll need to) without disturbing the bed’s other occupants.

The Ordering Process

Ordering is simple with Layla, especially because they only offer one type of mattress. There are six size options. Click on the type of mattress you want, add it to your cart, and then wait up to three days to receive a confirmation that your order has processed. This email will include a tracking number for when your order ships.

Shipping is free for the lower 48 states but costs $125 per mattress for deliveries to Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping is also $125 for all locations in Canada, though this figure includes all duties and applicable fees.

Delivery and Packaging

Layla mattresses ship all over the USA and throughout Canada and your mattress will arrive in a compact box. All sizes of mattresses come in boxes that are between 42 and 45 inches long and either 19 or 15 inches square. The mattresses weigh between 50 (Twin) and 90 pounds (California King).

Delivery takes between two to five business days, and mattresses ship from Phoenix, Arizona in the US.

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