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More details about Leesa, its two mattress options, and the company stacks up with its money-back guarantee.

Leesa Mattresses

Although Leesa started with a spring coil mattress, the company has also rolled out a new and improved memory foam mattress that meets customers’ needs for restorative and accommodating sleep without sacrificing the cozy feel of bouncy spring mattresses. Read on for more details about Leesa, its two mattress options, and how the company stacks up with its money-back guarantee.

Who Is it For?

Leesa offers two mattress styles that they say are suitable for all sleepers, whether back, side, or belly. And while we agree to an extent, our team also thinks the Leesa memory foam mattress is ideal for people who don’t mind trading motion isolation for a bouncy and responsive top layer.

No matter how you sleep, you’ll appreciate the cool sleep surface, dense support layer, and body contouring layer that helps relieve pressure along your back, hips, and shoulders.

Also, the other mattress in the Leesa collection is ideal for customers looking to transition from a traditional spring mattress to a more stable and supportive memory foam one; the Sapira uses both technologies.

Leesa Mattresses
Leesa mattress

The Leesa Mattress Collection

Leesa makes two mattresses; the Leesa and the Sapira. While the Leesa is a traditional memory foam mattress, the Sapira incorporates other technology into the mattress construction. The price points per style also vary by a large margin.

The Leesa is a multilayer foam mattress that includes three premium foams and no frills.

Twin XL$695
Cal King$1,195

Leesa’s Sapira mattress has both premium foam layers and pocket-spring coils for support.

Twin XL$1,095
Cal King$1,795


Leesa’s Mattress Construction

Because Leesa produces two mattresses, the newest of which is the Leesa itself, we’ll cover both construction types here.

Leesa’s memory foam-only model incorporates three separate foam types for cooling, body contouring, and pressure relief. The top foam layer helps you sleep cool while also hugging your body and giving a bit of bounce to the surface.

The next layer is two inches of memory foam, which relieves pressure and helps contour to your body whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper. The final layer is six inches of dense core foam to support all body types and sleep positions.

Leesa’s Sapira mattress uses foam layers plus pocket-spring coils. The top layer is Avena Foam to help keep you cool, with the same bounce and “hug” as the Leesa. Its middle layer is the same as well, with 1.5 inches of memory foam for pressure relief and body contouring.

Sapira’s support layer includes individually wrapped pocket springs to adjust to your body type and sleep style. And while we are a bit partial to modern memory foam mattresses, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Sapira to anyone who still prefers a traditional spring mattress instead.

Leesa mattress
Leesa Mattress

Trial Period and Guarantee

Both mattress types come with a 100-night trial, although Leesa suggests a minimum of 30 nights just to let your body adjust. Of course, we love this feature because it gives you time to really get used to sleeping on a new mattress and help your body recover from sleeping on your old lumpy mattress!

And while most customers enjoy a completely money-back guarantee, residents of Alaska and Hawaii are subject to a $100 mattress return fee. Either way, the company will coordinate pickup of the returned mattress, and for customers in the remaining 48 states, you’ll receive a full refund of the purchase price.

All mattresses also have a 10-year limited warranty, so many issues are covered once you keep your Leesa beyond the trial period.

Firmness Level

Our team feels like the Leesa mattress fits into the medium-soft firmness category, thanks to its thick memory foam layers that also have a bit of bounce. The inner-spring mattress has a similar feel, so the Sapira falls into the same category regarding firmness.

firm 7


Leesa has a proprietary foam blend that they call LSA200 Foam that serves as the top layer on their mattresses. As the company notes, this foam blend helps keep you cool while retaining its bouncy and body contouring qualities.

Smell Effect

Leesa admits that there is a slight odor to their mattresses but notes that the odor should dissipate shortly after setup. It can also take a few days for the bed to fully firm up, and you may want to circulate some air in the room where you open it if the smell is an issue.

Motion Isolation

Because both of Leesa’s mattresses are relatively bouncy on their top foam layer, our team feels like the motion isolation isn’t the best. However, you can’t beat the comfort of a contouring surface that “hugs” your body as you sleep, so for many customers, this might be a desirable tradeoff.

The Ordering Process

While you can easily order a Leesa mattress online via their website, there’s also the option to purchase in-store at West Elm or Pottery Barn. The company has forged partnerships with the two companies, something our team loves because of their commitment to social issues; both stores honor the One-Ten program, where the company donates one mattress for each ten they sell.

In-store purchasing aside, ordering online via the Leesa website is simple; select the model and size mattress you want, check out, and wait for your confirmation email.

You can also opt for White Glove Delivery in select locations, which involves delivery by a two-person team, plus set up and even disposal of the packaging. For an additional fee of $50, they’ll also remove your old mattress.

All mattresses ship from a facility in the US, and shipping is free.

Delivery and Packaging

Like other memory foam-only mattresses, the Leesa arrives compacted into a cardboard box. Delivery takes between three and seven business days after your order is processed. The packaging includes an outer layer of plastic plus an inner layer of plastic that mimics shrink wrap; once you remove this layer, your mattress will begin to expand.

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