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We do recommend Loom & Leaf mattress for eco-friendly and luxurious sleep in a variety of setup scenarios.

Loom and leaf Mattresses

Although they lack the in-store presence of other major brands, Loom & Leaf is making a name for itself thanks to its competitively priced temperature-controlled memory foam beds with adjustable bases.

Their goal is to delivery a luxury, performance mattress with a lower price tag than their competitors without sacrificing quality. And while not everyone on our team appreciated the dedication to only two firmness options, both of which lean toward support rather than softness, we do recommend this mattress for eco-friendly and luxurious sleep in a variety of setup scenarios.

Who Is it For?

The company likens its luxury memory foam mattress to the Tempur Pedic line of mattresses. This is due to not only the use of high-quality materials and American-made components and assembly but also the layers they incorporate into the bed.

A gel cooling zone, responsive foam inner layer, and pressure-relieving and breathable support make the Loom & Leaf a great choice for those who would rather not pay more for an adjustable base bed but who still desire the quality and comfort of big-name brand mattresses.

kids loom and leaf mattress
Loom & Leaf Mattress

The Loom & Leaf Mattress Collection

Loom & Leaf mattresses are all 12 inches high, have high-density memory foam, and are allergen-resistant and flame retardant. Here’s more on the sizes and pricing of the collection. Note that the two firmness levels, Relaxed Firm and Firm, are the same price.
Twin Relaxed Firm or Firm$749
Twin XL Relaxed Firm or Firm$849
Full Relaxed Firm or Firm$1,199
Queen Relaxed Firm or Firm$1,299
King Relaxed Firm or Firm$1,699
Cal King Relaxed Firm or Firm$1,699

Loom & Leaf’s Mattress Construction

All Loom & Leaf mattresses are assembled in the United States, and our team was impressed by the care that goes into putting together every bed. The top layer is a quilted organic cotton covering that’s both breathable and naturally flame retardant.

Cooling spinal gel makes up the next layer, keeping you from overheating while you sleep. Underneath is eco-friendly 5lb premium memory foam that has no off-gassing. The final layer is a breathable dual-layer support foam that promotes even more breathability thanks to airflow channels.

One notable perk of the Loom & Leaf mattress construction is that their team is focused on luxury so that every mattress will work with an adjustable base.  

loom and leaf mattress
loom and leaf mattress

Trial Period and Guarantee

Our team likes that Loom & Leaf offers a 120-day home trial, as it’s one of the most competitive trial lengths. However, if you do choose to return the bed, you’ll be subject to a $99 transportation cost to get it back to the company.

If you opt to keep the mattress, a 15-year warranty applies and covers complete replacement due to any defects within the first two years. After that, you can receive a replacement for a fraction of the cost of your original mattress if there are any issues. But, you also get to keep the old mattress to use in a guest room, give away to a friend, or donate. The warranty also covers body impressions greater than ¾ of an inch.

Firmness Level

Loom & Leaf offers two firmness levels; their self-defined “Relaxed Firm” and “L&L Firm.” The company doesn’t recommend “quicksand” type memory foam beds that let sleepers sink in. They equate this softness with a lack of support.

Therefore, they offer “just right” support with the Relaxed Firm and a “very firm” with the Firm option. Of course, our opinion is that some people will, of course, find the mattress too firm, but the company maintains that this is the optimal level of softness for both comfort and support.


Because Loom & Leaf aims to offer a luxury-level mattress, their focus is comfort. Not only do they use high-quality materials like organic cotton, eco-friendly foams, and naturally hypoallergenic fibers, but they also offer adjustable bases to up the luxury factor.

Our team judged the plushy organic covering quite comfortable, but it might also be the thick 12-inch mattress that won us over!

Smell Effect

On the company website, Loom & Leaf explains that they require their foam components to be eco-friendly and at least 30 percent soy or corn oil. This means there’s likely less odor than with other conventional foams, but the company also doesn’t do any off-gassing while assembling their mattresses.

Therefore, you might notice a slight odor upon unboxing your mattress. This isn’t dangerous; it might just require a bit of ventilation for the first day or so.

Motion Isolation

Part of Loom & Leaf’s commitment to luxury comes in the form of the motion isolation tech in their mattresses. Their gel and memory foam layers help eliminate movement, so you can sleep soundly even if your bedmate is moving around.

The Ordering Process

To order a Loom & Leaf mattress, just choose the size you want, the firmness level you prefer, and select any other items to go along with the mattress. While the company recommends using their moveable base, or another type of base from them, your warranty remains valid with most other types of bed bases.

Once you check out, you’ll receive a confirmation via email, and then you’ll just need to wait for your bed to arrive. The company will give you a delivery window timeframe, but the delivery team will also notify you if they’re running early or late.

Delivery and Packaging

With this company, delivery day is an event! Their team will call you the day before delivery to give you a four-hour delivery window. Therefore, the company doesn’t provide any information on box sizes or weights because you don’t need to know it; the delivery team will handle transportation and unboxing for you.

If you have an old mattress to get rid of, Loom & Leaf’s delivery team will take it away for you. Just be sure to mark the box for Free Mattress Removal at checkout. The delivery team will also set up your new mattress, including a metal frame if you purchase one.

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