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Nest Bedding is a popular mattress company but in fact, there’s a whole lot more to Nest than mattresses.

nest bedding mattress review

The brand covers the sleep needs of the whole household, from mattresses to pillows, bedding, bed bases and bedroom furniture, mattresses for kids and babies, sleepwear and even beds for pets!

This is a company with a ton of expertise in the field and it is reflected in the truly varied range of mattresses and associated products.

At Nest Bedding, customers of all kinds can find a mattress that matches their needs. It’s just a matter of getting to know the different materials, constructions, firmness levels and comfort specs of each mattress. So let’s kick off with a review of Nest Bedding mattresses:

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Who Is it For?

The truth is, Nest Bedding is suitable for just about everyone. The extensive range of mattresses covers all firmness levels, the mattresses are available in all sizes, and there are hybrid (spring & foam), foam only, latex and even organic latex options. Nest also offers some specialty mattresses, such as the Flippable mattress that has two firmness levels in one. Or the Dual Comfort option available in select mattresses in King size and above, enabling the customer to choose two different firmness levels in one mattress so each partner can enjoy the ideal firmness for their needs.

For consumers concerned about sustainability and protecting the environment, Nest Bedding is a very attractive company. According to Nest, its Certified Organic Hybrid Latex mattress is the “purest” organic latex mattress on the market, made of Greenguard Gold, GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, and GOTS certified organic wool, designed in collaboration with OMI, the leading certified manufacturer of mattresses in the USA. Nest Bedding is not a budget brand, however, some of its mattresses are quite affordable, and it does offer one mattress suitable for customers on a tight budget – the Love & Sleep mattress offers excellent bang for the buck and is one of the company’s best-selling mattresses. However, its Certified Organic Latex mattress is definitely a high-end product reflected in the price tag, which is not surprising, given its high quality, eco-friendly and certified construction.

Whether sleeping alone or sharing a bed, whether you prefer soft, firm or somewhere in between, if you are a hybrid or foam fan, Nest Bedding has all the options and is definitely worth checking out. Let’s dive into an introduction to the impressive Nest Bedding collection.

nest bedding mattress

The Nest Bedding Collection

Nest Bedding offers several mattresses of different materials and constructions, including its Alexander Signature collection, the Natural and Organic Collection and it’s best selling Love & Sleep mattress. All mattresses are available in standard sizes from Twin to Cal King. Pricing given below is for Queen size. Let’s take a look:

Alexander Signature Hybrid

A popular hybrid mattress is available in a range of firmness levels.

Queen Price: $1449

Alexander Signature Series® Flippable

Classic flippable version of the hybrid mattress includes two firmness levels

Queen Price: $1599

Natural & Organic Collection

Natural Hybrid Latex

Latex and spring construction in a range of firmnesses

Queen Price: $1599

All Latex Mattress

3 layers of latex foam in 3 firmness levels

Available in Natural Latex or Certified Organic Latex

Queen price – Natural Latex: $1799

Queen price – Certified Organic Latex: $4099

Love & Sleep Mattress

Affordable foam mattress

Queen Price: $699

Nest Bedding’s Mattress Construction and Layers

Nest’s mattress collections are constructed with a wide range of materials, yet all follow the popular layered method. The Alexander Signature Hybrid uses a combination of titanium infused foam and individual pocketed coils that offer edge support. The Alexander Signature Flipabble is constructed of body-adaptive memory foam layers and a breathable organic cotton outer layer. Mattresses in the Natural and Organic Collection are made of layers of latex, cotton and wool blends, including a certified organic latex option made in a certified Eco-Factory™ in California. The Love & Sleep budget-friendly mattress option is constructed of Energex foam, with high-density edge support foam at the base and an air-flow layer. It’s really a matter of examining each mattress separately to see which one is best suited to your sleep position preference and support needs.

nest bedding mattress layers

Nest Bedding Trial Period and Guarantee

Nest offers a generous 100-night sleep trial, with a 30-day adjustment period to give you time to get used to the new mattress.

If – after 30 and before 100 days of the delivery date – you are still unsatisfied, you are eligible to exchange for a different mattress under the Comfort Exchange program. The program is applicable one time per customer in each calendar year.

If you are still unsatisfied with the exchanged version, you are able to return the mattress, upon approval. You will have the option to choose between donating, disposing or having the mattress picked up.

Nest Bedding’s Lifetime Comfort Guarantee is a unique and exciting perk. Purchase a Nest Bedding mattress for the first time, and you will be eligible to get 30% off your next mattress purchase at Nest years later.

All Nest mattresses come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers indentation and sagging of over 1 inch, manufacturing flaws in the cover zipper and physical flaws in the cover construction, so long as these are not the result of improper use.

Nest Bedding Firmness Level

A great advantage of Nest Bedding mattresses is the wide range of options in terms of firmness level. Each mattress comes in several firmness options, ranging from Plush to Firm, as well as Dual Comfort options in the Alexander Signature Hybrid, Natural Hybrid Latex and All Latex mattresses for the King and Cal King size, so you can choose internal split in one mattress for two firmness. The Latex mattresses in the Nest collection are exceptionally supportive, effectively contouring the body for pressure relief and an excellent alternative to the more bouncy options of memory foam or hybrid. Not to forget the Alexander Flippable, which is medium-firm on one side, and luxury firm on the other, so you can change firmness levels simply by flipping the mattress.

firmness level 5 scale

Nest Bedding Comfort

Comfort is a top factor in Nest mattresses, with different options for different needs. For example, the Alexander Signature Hybrid has excellent temperature control properties thanks to the titanium infused foam, while the Alexander Signature Flippable is great for cool sleepers, due to the breathable plush quilted top and cooling gel memory foam top layer. Plus there’s the advantage of having medium and luxury firm feel in one mattress, with just a flip.

The Natural & Organic collection incorporates three comfort-inducing materials, including latex that provides excellent comfort and support in equal measure, soft Joma wool and organic breathable cotton that provides comfort and cooling effects. In terms of comfort, you really can’t go wrong with Nest. The wide range of mattress options offers something for everyone, whether you sleep cool or warm, and whether you prefer side, front, back or combination position.

Nest Bedding Smell Effect

Nest Bedding mattresses are made of various materials, such as foams and latex, that can have a mild smell effect upon opening the packaging. However, the smell will dissipate within a few hours and there is no lingering off-gassing effects to worry about.

Nest Bedding Motion Isolation

When it comes to motion isolation, the Alexander Signature Hybrid is an excellent choice, thanks to the multilayer construction that combines a variety of foams and pocketed support coils at the mattress edge. This helps to contain motion and ensure a quiet night’s sleep. The latex-based mattresses in the Natural & Organic Collection are also a good option for motion isolation, as their extra flexible and contouring support helps to absorb and control the impact of the movement. The affordable Love & Sleep mattress also gets high marks for motion isolation, thanks to the Energex foam layer that does a good job of absorbing the bounce effect caused by movement. Plus the budget-friendly price makes it an excellent choice for those who don’t have a lot to spend yet who are looking for high-quality motion isolation.

The Ordering Process

Nest mattresses are manufactured at two different locations in the US – Arizona and California – so shipping times will depend on where the mattress is coming from and your location. Expect to receive your mattress anytime from 4-8 business days after placing the order. The company ships free to the contiguous USA, while shipping to Alaska and Hawaii comes at an extra cost. Unlike many competitors, Nest Bedding actually offers international shipping, so customers in the APO & FPO, and all over the world can order and enjoy Nest mattresses.

nest bedding box

Nest Bedding Delivery and Packaging

Nest mattresses are shipped in a box straight to your doorstep, via FedEx or UPS. The mattress is rolled and protected by multiple layers of strong plastic, and then shipped in a large box. It is important to unwrap and unroll the mattress within 30 days of receiving it, to ensure it flattens out properly.

There is an option to order a White Glove delivery service, where the delivery staff will conveniently set up your new mattress and dispose of all packaging materials.

The Nest mattress will take on its natural shape soon after unpackaging, and you can start sleeping on it even the same night.

We love Nest Bedding because of the sheer variety of products and options for firmness and comfort. Plus, the eco-friendly range of Natural and Organic mattresses are truly unique for their quality and environmental safety. Of course, these added features put most of Nest’s mattresses outside of the “budget” or “student” category.

But for customers who are looking for high-quality mattress options, with unique offerings, like mattresses constructed of advanced latex or even hybrid spring-latex combos, you will definitely find what you are looking for with Nest.

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Lee Levy

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