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Read more about Purple, their state-of-the-art technology, and their comfortable and supportive beds.

Purple Mattresses

You might remember Purple’s commercials from when the company first began: they dropped an egg onto their Smart Grid bed—which happens to be purple—and it didn’t break. Their point is that their mattresses eliminate pressure points, so not only do eggs stay intact, but your back gets a break, too.

Purple has also rolled out new versions of their original mattress with customization options so that customers can find the right fit for their needs. Read on for more about Purple, their state-of-the-art technology, and their comfortable and supportive beds.

Who Is it For?

Because Purple has two separate collections, one of which has three firmness choices, our team can confidently recommend these beds for nearly every consumer. The Original bed features a pressure-free sleep surface thanks to the innovate materials the company developed. The New bed gives you more choices, with three firmness options ranging from feather-soft to strong and supportive.

purple mattress
purple mattress

The Purple Mattress Collection

Purple currently has two mattress options; The Original Purple Mattress and The New Purple Mattress.The Original Purple BedPurple calls this their original no-pressure mattress, and although it’s the “throwback” version of the bed, it’s just as innovative as their other option.
Twin XL$699
Cal King$1,299
The New Purple MattressThe New bed comes in a range of sizes, but it also offers customers the choice of three firmness levels; Soft, Medium, and Firm. Pricing varies with these features, so we’ve included them in separate tables below.Soft (2” Smart Comfort Grid)
Twin XL$2,499
Cal King$3,499
Medium (3” Smart Comfort Grid)
Twin XL$1,899
Cal King$2,699
Firm (4” Smart Comfort Grid)
Twin XL$1,299
Cal King$1,899

Purple’s Mattress Construction

Unlike other memory foam mattresses, Purple came up with their own design for a surface that’s comfortable and responsive. Our team was really impressed by the science behind Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid technology—it involves macromolecular science and two experts in the field of materials engineering.

The Original mattress uses the Smart Comfort Grid to eliminate pressure points and maintain a breathable sleep surface. This not only solves the overheated memory foam mattress problem, but it also ensures zero motion transfer. There’s also a CertiPUR-US certified foam base for support all over your body.

The New version of Purple’s bed comes in three different firmness levels, which means the composition of the “grid” is a bit different. For the Soft option, the grid is four inches deep; for the Medium, it’s three inches; for the Firm, it’s two inches.

Each mattress also incorporates pocketed springs for responsive support throughout the bed. It’s also non-toxic throughout; none of the material is chemically treated.

Also, the New Purple bed has a support coil base for comfort, allowing the bed to contour to your sleep position. If you want a completely customizable sleep experience, we recommend choosing your own firmness and style from Purple.

purple mattress
Purple Mattress

Trial Period and Guarantee

Our team liked that Purple offers a 100-night free trial, as this seems to be the industry minimum in most cases. Purple will give you a full refund if you decide to return the bed within 100 days. They’ll pick it up, too.

If you decide to keep the bed, it also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Firmness Level

The great thing about the Original Purple mattress is its no-pressure feel; the mattress delivered medium-firm support. The New models, however, allow you to select the right firmness for your sleep style and personal preference.

As Purple explains, the Firm option is still soft where you need it, but it’s also a more supportive option for back sleepers. For those who have mixed preferences, the Medium may be ideal. And for those sleepers who want to feel like they’re lying in a zero-gravity pod, the Soft selection gives ample support while also feeling luxurious.


While it’s hard to say what’s comfortable with each version of the Purple mattress, we can almost promise you’ll find the right fit with the four choices they have available. Whether you want firm support or something more “fluffy,” Purple has the right fit. Therefore, we can confidently say this is one of the most comfortable mattresses, just because each customer can select one based on their unique sleep needs.

Smell Effect

Another great feature our team loves in Purple’s mattresses is that they don’t off-gas; the material is 100 percent non-toxic. Of course, it has a “new product” odor like any other, but it’s a mild woodsy scent at worst.

Motion Isolation

Purple is phenomenal for motion isolation because its cell construction isolates movement while contouring to your body. Purple assures customers that there is “zero” motion transfer with all of their beds.

The Ordering Process

To order a mattress from Purple, you’ll first need to navigate to either the Original or New mattress page. From there, you’ll select the size of mattress you want to order. With the New style, you’ll also choose a firmness level.

Note that these mattresses are only available in Twin XL, not regular Twin, so that is a consideration if you’re replacing an existing Twin mattress or need to purchase a new base.

Once you check out on the website, you’ll receive an order confirmation. Then you’ll wait for your order to arrive! And, shipping is free to all 48 contiguous states. Delivery can take between one to two weeks, according to the company’s website.

Delivery and Packaging

If you live within the contiguous 48 states, your bed will arrive right at your door. Mattresses arrive in boxes that measure 16 inches in diameter and vary in length (based on your mattress size) between 44 and 76 inches. Packages weigh between 91 and 175 pounds.

Along with front-door delivery, residents of the lower 48 can receive free white glove delivery service, which includes setup of your new bed.

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