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Read more about Saatva and their line of luxury mattresses.

Saatva Mattresses

Saatva is passionate about luxury, so it makes sense that their mattress collection would compete with high-end hotels concerning firmness and comfort. At the same time, they’re not your typical memory foam mattress supplier operating on the motivation of keeping costs low.

And of course, with quality materials and hand-sewn manufacturing, we didn’t expect Saatva’s collection to be within every consumer’s budget. But we were impressed by their commitment not only to making a comfortable bed but also regarding sustainability practices and attention to detail. Read on for more about Saatva and their line of luxury mattresses.

Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
  • Who Is it For?

    Although Saatva has another line of mattress that stands alone (Loom & Leaf), this collection has a reputation for luxury. For that reason, Saatva is a great mattress for consumers looking for a comfortable and plush mattress that has the technology to ensure a comfortable night’s rest.

    Each mattress has individually wrapped coils, a plush pillow top, and lumbar support for the most comfortable sleep money can buy. But at the same time, the pricing on Saatva’s line is less than you might expect for such a luxurious bed—and it may even help with back pain thanks to the innovative lumbar support.

    saatva mattress
    Saatva Mattresses

    The Saatva Mattress Collection

    While the Saatva collection includes one mattress type, there are variations in height (14.5 inches versus 11.5 inches) as well as firmness (Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm). However, pricing is the same across those measures and only varies due to the size you select.

    Twin XL$749
    Cal King$1,499

    Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
  • Saatva’s Mattress Construction

    All Saatva mattresses are hand-crafted in the United States, and they use eco-friendly materials. The top cover is organic cotton with a pillow top, and the company adds a Guardin botanical fabric treatment for protection.

    Underneath the pillowtop, individually wrapped coils help increase airflow and reduce motion transfer. At the same time, they conform to your body and make sleeping more comfortable whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper.

    And while the mattresses aren’t entirely constructed of memory foam, there are foam layers, including a perimeter foam support that prevents sagging over time, even if you sit on the edge of your bed out of habit.

    In the center of the mattress, memory foam and wire support work together to help reduce pressure points and help keep your spine in alignment. Underneath this layer, steel coil base support helps prevent sagging.

    All the foam is healthy and certified by CertiPUR US; it contains no toxic chemicals, formaldehyde, has low VOCs, and doesn’t contain ozone depleters. Saatva is also committed to sustainability, and our team was impressed by the fact that the company won an award for sustainable furnishings work.

    Not every mattress manufacturer is as passionate about the environment as Saatva is, and we’ve also seen their eco-friendly personality in the Saatva offshoot brand Loom & Leaf. And while varying price points appeal to different groups of consumers, the eco-conscious materials and practices are appealing to everyone.

    saatva mattress
    saatva mattress

    Trial Period and Guarantee

    Saatva offers a 120-night trial to ensure you love your mattress. If you don’t want to keep it, you only pay a $99 transportation cost; the rest of the purchase amount is refunded to you. The delivery team comes and picks up the mattress, and there are no restocking or other fees.

    If you’re unhappy with your mattress for any reason, such as if it’s not the right height or you’d prefer a different firmness, you can also swap it out during the 120-night trial period. However, this service is subject to the same $99 transportation fee.

    If you keep your mattress, then a 15-year warranty applies and covers replacement due to manufacturing defects within the first two years, plus repair and even replacement options through years three to 15. And while hundred-night trials are fairly common these days, our team was impressed by this commitment to the consumer long after most companies stop caring.

    Firmness Level

    Within the Saatva collection, you can choose from three firmness options: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. According to their website, the Luxury Firm is the type of firmness that luxury hotels use. Of course, your personal preference will be the deciding factor.


    Since Saatva likens its mattress collection to those used in luxury hotels, you can definitely expect comfort from them. And in addition to their green initiatives, the company also focuses on making every component they use comfortable for consumers.

    From the organic Euro pillow top, which stays plusher longer than a standard pillow top, to the inner lumbar support, Saatva has comfort in mind in everything they do.

    Smell Effect

    Because the company is committed to using components that are as green as possible, you can expect less smell with the Saatva mattresses than with other similar products. Of course, there’s always bound to be that new mattress smell, but you shouldn’t notice a chemical scent—more a woodsy scent, thanks in part to the natural thistle the company uses for flame retardant purposes.

    Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
  • Motion Isolation

    Since Saatva makes firmer mattresses, you can expect more motion isolation with those versions of their mattresses. With the plush models, however, there will be more motion transfer, simply because the coils within the mattress allow for movement. Of course, the addition of memory foam does help stabilize the mattress overall, but you shouldn’t expect complete motion isolation in this collection.

    The Ordering Process

    To order your mattress, you’ll select a size, firmness, and mattress height from the menus on the order page. Once you check out, you’ll receive confirmation via email that your order has been processed. After your order ships, the company will contact you to set up a delivery window.

    Delivery and Packaging

    Thanks to Saatva’s commitment to the overall posh experience with mattress buying, every purchase includes complimentary white glove delivery and setup. The delivery team will set up your new mattress and remove the old one for free.

    The day before the delivery, Saatva will contact you to arrange a four-hour delivery window. Then, the delivery team will unbox your mattress and set it up (along with any frame or bed you purchased from them).

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    Saatva Mattress

  • Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm
  • Affordable price
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