Best Mattresses Under $1000


There are enough brands and mattress types on the market that your choice of best mattress under $1000 is quite extensive. This means you need to do the right research to make the best decision for a mattress purchase on a lower budget.

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress Under $1000

For some people, purchasing a top of the line mattress is not an option and that’s ok. These days, the market offers a great range of mattress options under $1000. When buying an affordable mattress, you want to get the most bang for your buck. So make sure to consider the mattress’s construction and firmness level to make sure it suits your body size and type, and your preferred sleeping position. For example, if you are a back sleeper you need a firmer mattress, while stomach and side sleepers do well on mattresses that are responsive to pressure points. And don’t forget to check trial conditions and warranty – you don’t want to be stuck with a mattress that’s not right for you, even if it is affordable!

Best Mattresses Under $1000

Here are the top mattresses for those with a budget of $1000 or under:

Nectar Mattress

  • Semi-Firm, Cool
  • Great pricing and promotions
  • Nectar- Mattress under $1000

    Nectar mattresses are constructed of a hybrid foam-gel design that incorporates five layers of foam, including a gel layer that reduces heat and provides a cooling effect. Nectar foam mattresses naturally have a little bit of sink, so they are best for people who are not looking for a really firm sensation. The all foam and gel structure does create a good motion isolation effect, which is important for those who share a bed. It is also a quiet mattress, meaning that the gel absorbs the impact and noise created during movement – an extra bonus for those who enjoy a quiet night.

    We love that Nectar has a full 365-night trial period, giving you a full year to decide if the mattress is right for you. Plus you can’t get better than the Forever Warranty, covering the mattress’ quality and performance for as long as you own it.

    nectar bed

    Tuft & Needle Mattress

  • Great for allergies
  • Cooling features
  • Tuft & Needle under $1000 Mattress

    Tuft & Needle offers two mattresses – the basic T&N, and the more advanced Mint. The mattresses are constructed of two layers – the top layer is engineered foam that adapts and reacts to the body, providing personalized support and impact absorption, while the bottom layer acts as a strong support base. Together, these layers provide a good firmness level and ample support. The basic T&N is somewhat firmer than the Mint, which includes a softer top layer that creates a more plush sensation. The Mint mattress is an exceptional deal for people who like to sleep cool. It is constructed with added graphite to help disperse heat, as well as a cool charcoal knitted cover and cooling gel beads,.

    For people who are eco-conscious, Tuft & Needle mattresses have UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification, which means you are assured of the environmentally friendly use of materials and healthier manufacturing process.

    With Tuft & Needle, you get a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty, which is very reasonable according to industry standards.

    layla mattress

    Layla Mattress

    Layla mattresses are what the company calls “flippable”, meaning that the mattress comes in two levels of firmness., One side is softer, then if you turn the mattress over, you have a firmer sleep experience. Overall, Layla’s mattress falls in the medium-firm to firm category, making it a good affordable option for those who want a mattress on the firmer side, yet with some flexibility to enjoy a softer mattress too.

    Layla mattresses are constructed of four memory foam layers, and two of the layers are rather unique – they are made of antimicrobial copper infused materials that help reduce heat for a cooler night’s sleep. The copper component also provides an added support dimension, as the copper firms up in high pressure areas, like the shoulders, and provides denser support where needed.

    With a 120-night trial and lifetime warranty, Layla mattresses get you lots of value for money.

    Layla Mattresses

    Casper Mattress

    Casper offers three mattress types – the Essential, the Casper and the Wave. Only the Essential and the Wave fall into the category of mattresses under $1000, so we’ll focus on those. The Essential is the most basic version, at 8.5 inches, while the Casper offers more features and is 10 inches thick. The Essential is constructed on three layers, while the Casper offers Zoned Support and four layers, with a high-density foam layer as well as a transitional layer to provide extra comfort. Both mattresses are similar in terms of firmness, with a softer sleep surface and lower level firmness. For those who prefer a softer sleep, Casper is a good option as it provides the right contouring and body weight distribution without feeling too firm.

    Casper offers a reasonable 100-night trial so you can decide if the mattress is the right match for you. You also get a 10 year warranty for the mattress foam, ensuring you won’t ever have to sleep on a sagging mattress.

    casper mattress for family

    Purple Mattress

  • 2 mattress selection
  • Will suit a range of sleep needs
  • Purple Mattresses

    Purple offers two mattresses in its collection, the Original Purple and the New Purple, but only the Original falls into the category of mattresses under $1000. The Original is a memory foam only mattress with a proprietary foam design called Smart Comfort Grid technology, an open cell foam grid inside the mattress that reduces pressure points and encourages airflow for a breathable, cool sleep sensation. It also contributes to the excellent motion isolation, which is a huge advantage for co-sleepers. Overall, the Original Purple gives medium-firm support.

    Purple’s return policies are in keeping with the industry standard, offering a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

    purple mattress

    Leesa Mattress

  • Balanced foam feel
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Leesa Mattress- Under $1000

    Leesa offers two mattresses in its collection, the Leesa and the Sapira, however, only the Leesa falls into the category of mattresses under $1000. The Leesa is the memory-foam only option, constructed of multiple layers of foam, including three premium foam types. The top layer is designed to add a soft bounciness and cool the body, while the second layer incorporates a two-inch section of memory foam that alleviates pressure and contours the body, especially useful for different sleeping positions, like back, side and stomach. The bottom layer is a dense core foam six inches thick that provides a strong base of support. The Leesa mattress is definitely a medium-soft firmness level with a bit of bounce, making it ideal for those who prefer a softer sensation and move around during the night.

    With a standard 100-night trial and 10-year limited warranty, the Leesa mattress is a great introductory option for sleepers who prefer any position.

    Leesa mattress

    Which Mattress is Best For You

    The best way to decide which is the best mattress under $1000 for you, first take stock of your personal needs. While the budget excludes some of the fancier models on the market, the foam-based mattresses that come in under $1000 provide ample choice and good quality support that should last for years. Make sure to go into the process with a clear idea of what you want and need – under $1000.

    Why You Should Pay Attention to Us

    Whether you’ve got endless money to spend or you are looking for the best mattress under $1000, you still want to make sure you are getting value for money and the best sleep you possibly can.  This is true of every mattress buyer – and it is the idea behind this site, Mattress Reviews.

    We are a dedicated team of mattress experts with one aim in mind – helping consumers make the best mattress decision within the budget they can afford. We are a team of professional with endless knowledge about every aspect of mattress construction and design, new features and technologies, and how these interact with our bodies during sleep. The Mattress Reviews aims to provide clear information about a range of mattresses on the market. It’s all about disseminating information to help you make the best personal mattress choice, which will naturally be different for every person, including the budget.

    Recap – Best Mattresses Under $1000

    If you prefer a softer mattress under $1000, we recommend the Casper, Nectar, Leesa or the Layla, a flippable mattress with softer and firmer sides. If you are looking for a firmer option, go for the Tuft & Needle or Purple mattresses. Although coming in at under $1000, all the mattresses reviewed by our team come with assorted extra features, such as motion isolation effect, cooling features and smart construction, making each an excellent choice in their own way. All options listed above give standard or extra-generous trial periods and warranties, so once you’ve made your decision, you are good to go.

    What Else to Remember

    When purchasing a mattress at any price, you should always consider what the sleep experience overnight will be. This will strongly depend on your own sleep preferences and style. Are you a hot or cool sleeper? Do you share a bed? Do you or your partner have back issues? Do you sleep on side, stomach or back? All these things should be taken into consideration when purchasing a mattress under $1000. The budget  restraint will remove the option of choosing a more advanced mattress with all the bells and whistles – but don’t worry, there are plenty of high quality mattresses under $1000 for you to choose from.


    Lee Levy

    Lee Levy

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