Purple Vs. Loom & Leaf: Head-to head Comparison


Here, we’ll compare Purple and Loom & Leaf, highlighting each brand’s features and offerings.

Ever get tired of snoozing on the same old mattress? Eager to replace your moldy old college-vintage foam sleeping pad? Look no further — now is a fantastic time to be in the market for a mattress. The mattress industry has been innovating on mattress designs at a rapid pace with excellent results. These results fall into two main categories: new spins on old concepts, and totally new combinations of materials and mattress concepts.

Purple is hugely innovative, and they’ve made a new kind of mattress that is totally unlike anything before as a result of its foam-and-support-grid technology which offers customizable firmness.

In contrast, Loom and Leaf has taken the memory foam mattress and massively retooled it to be ecologically friendly, cooler, and less prone to disrupting people who like to sleep on their backs.

Read on for more about both brands and their respective collections, or skip to the summary section, if you’re in a hurry.

Casper Mattress

  • Great Zoned Support
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Leesa Mattress

  • Balanced foam feel
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • In this article, we’ll dive deep on to these two mattress manufacturers and give you a no-nonsense faceplant into where their mattresses help you zonk and what the ideal choice for you might be.

    Who Is It For?

    The Purple mattresses are for people who want an entirely new type of mattress that don’t feel anything like a memory foam mattress, a spring-based mattress, or any other kind of foam and gel hybrid mattress. If you’ve struggled with every kind of sleeping arrangement in the past, the Purple mattresses could be the solution that you’ve always wished for during all of those nights full of tossing and turning.

    More conservative sleepers will probably want a Loom and Leaf mattress because they’re much less of a gamble and more similar what you’ve probably already encountered in your sleeping life. The Loom and Leaf mattresses appeal to people who enjoy the feeling of a traditional memory foam mattress and who don’t mind whether they sleep a bit warmer than with other mattresses.

    purple mattress
    loom and leaf mattress

    The Collections

    Both the Loom and Leaf and the Purple mattresses are targeted at people who don’t need to be hunting for a bargain. These are pricey and sophisticated beds, not cheap pickups for the dorm room or bachelor pad.

    The Loom and Leaf selection is limited to their main offering, but the Purple mattresses are available in Original or New Purple format. The New Purple mattresses come with a few different firmness inserts. The softer the insert, the more expensive that it’ll be when you put it in the New Purple mattress.


    New Purple

    Loom and Leaf

    Twin XL












    Cal King



    Casper Mattress

  • Great Zoned Support
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Construction of the Mattress

    You’re probably eager to learn about the guts of these mattresses and what makes them different from each other. For the Loom and Leaf mattress, the interior is composed of an outer quilt, a thin gel layer, a heavy eggshell-shaped foam pad, and two other deeper foam pads for pliability and heavy support.

    The thin gel layer is the biggest innovation of the Loom and Leaf mattress because it helps the mattress stay cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses.

    The Purple mattresses have a handful of innovations which serve the same purpose but arrive there differently. The Purple mattresses have a thin foam layer, a customizable foam insert layer, and — the biggest and most important aspect of the mattress — the foam grid layer.

    Of the parts of the Purple mattress, only the foam grid layer is actually purple — but you’ll never see it anyway because it’s surrounded by all of the other layers.

    Purple Mattress
    Purple Mattress Structure
    Loom & Leaf Mattress
    Loom & Leaf structure

    Trial Period & Guarantee

    The Purple mattresses offer a 100-day home trial, so you can buckle in for a few months of snoozing before making the final call about whether you want a Purple home or not. Furthermore, the Purple warranty is for ten full years, so you’ll never need to worry about getting a lemon.

    The Loom and Leaf in-home trial lasts for 120 days, so it’s a bit better than the Purple’s trial. You probably won’t need the extra 20 days to decide between it and the Purple, so you shouldn’t think of this as a big feature in favor of it. In contrast to the Purple mattress, the Loom and Leaf warranty is a full 15 years.

    Sure, the warranty is 50% longer with the Loom and Leaf than the Purple — but would you really want to use the same mattress for 15 years? If so, the Loom and Leaf is your ticket to a decade and a half of comfortable rest.

    Firmness Level

    Because the Loom and Leaf is more or less a traditional memory foam mattress, it’s not exactly very firm. It isn’t too soft, either — it’s that memory foam feeling of firmness where there is some give but not a deep sinking feeling. Loom and Leaf offers a firmer option, which is a bit too firm for most people who sleep on their back.

    Purple, on the other hand, has customizable firmness. If you want it to be super-plush, you got it – as long as you’re willing to pay.

    The thing to remember is that the Purple mattress’ entire appeal is that it doesn’t get in the way of your sleep, so if you need the feeling of a bed molding to you, the Loom and Leaf is the only real choice regardless of firmness preferences.


    The comfort of these mattresses depends on the kind of feeling that you like regarding your bed molding to your shape.

    The Loom and Leaf mattress will conform to your body and be shaped by it, so you’ll get more comfortable as the night goes on. The Purple mattress will retain its shape and push back against you. As soon as you stand up, it bounces back — which might be what you want, or it might be a new struggle every time you climb into bed.

    Smell Effect

    The Loom and Leaf manufacturers claim that their memory foam mattresses do no outgassing, which means that they won’t have any scent. Of course, the mattress still has a slight scent when you first unpack it, so plan accordingly.

    The Purple mattresses definitely have a scent, but it isn’t bad. It’s unclear whether they outgas or not, so you may want to leave your Purple mattress to air out for a little while before using it — but it isn’t strictly necessary.

    Leesa Mattress

  • Balanced foam feel
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Motion Isolation

    Both the Loom and Leaf and the Purple mattresses are great at isolating the effect of motion or shockwaves elsewhere in the bed. The foam of the Loom and Leaf mattress is superior to other memory foam mattresses when it comes to isolating the impact of motion, but the Purple is even better.

    You’ll never have any issues with being woken up by anyone else entering or leaving the bed with mattresses from either manufacturer, however — you can’t make the wrong choice between these two.

    The Ordering Process

    For most people, the process of ordering a new mattress is quick, easy, and only stressful because of the high-ticket price of mattresses. The Purple mattresses require a few extra selections, namely your preferred firmness insert and also your choice of freebie. The Loom and Leaf mattresses also require a firmness selection, and you’ll have to choose between the firmness insert and any bed frame extras.

    purple mattress
    kids loom and leaf mattress

    Delivery and Packaging

    You’ll have your Purple mattress within 10 days of your order, which makes it about average in terms of the mattress industry. Loom and Leaf, for its part, offers a similar shipping policy, but also a bit extra. Loom and Leaf will remove your old mattress for free, which means that you’ll have one less thing to worry about.


    We think both Leesa and Casper are amazing products. Both were truly comfortable, we slept really nice and it was a great experience overall with the buying funnel. In any case, we thought Casper was a bit better in terms of firmness and quality, and we liked it better.

    Casper Mattress

  • Great Zoned Support
  • 100-night sleep trial
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